After Surgery

Jan 16, 2019

1-14-19 Surgery went well, they found a very tiny Hiatal hernia which they elected not to repair because it was so small and it had not been giving me any problems.  I was in recovery a bit longer than normal because my pulse was weak after surgery. I guess my blood pressure dropped during the surgery. Upon waking I asked for pain med immediately but they could not give it to me until I was stabilized and breathing well on my on.  Once I was given pain meds in recovery everything went smooth.

I was moved to my room (which was huge and I just posted pictures) and within 2 hours I was up walking around the hall.  I have been able to drink 1 oz of liquid (water, G2, chicken broth) easily and keep it down with no issues.  I have been burping a lot and have a lot of pressure in my chest from the gas. Have not had to ask for any pain meds since coming out of recovery. I was afraid things would taste funny to me but so far everything I have drank taste the same as before. 


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