8 mile bikeride

Oct 30, 2009

that says it all.  We went on a family bike ride today.  The first part was easy, but when we turned around to come back the wind was very strong and it was hard.  I was tired and it was really windy in places, but I did it.  It is soooooo amazing to feel that strong.  I could keep up with my husband or pass him.  I am amazed.  I would have never agreed to go on such a long bike ride a year ago.  It is so amazing.  I have been spinning at the YMCA, but that was the first time on a bike in a couple of years.  I felt so young and free.  That is such a WLS moment.  I would never be where I am today w/o WLS.   I will weigh in the morning.  I am committed to logging my food and trying to break through my slooooow  loss/stalls.  Today gave me such pleasure.  It totally wasn't about what size I was wearing today.  It wasn't about how many pounds the scale said.  It was about feeling good and confident in my own skin.  It feels good to LIVE in the moment instead of saying when I lose or when I was younger or before I was pregnant.


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