10 Months

Dec 15, 2009

Finally the scale moved a little this morning.  177.8    89.2 since surgery and 104.2 total loss.  WOO HOO!!

I have been trying to be less obsessed with the scale.  Having Shingles helped that.  I was so obsessed about the rash on my neck that I didn't worry about the scale for the last couple of week.  I took a week off of working out because of being sick and gross.  My eating habits have not been the best.  I can eat sugar and carbs without dumping.  That  doesn't have to be a totally bad thing, but I have been wallowing a little in my Shingle misery.  However, last week I started working out again.  I have been feeling smaller.  After my long stall, it is nice to see the scale move a little bit.  

So, I am at 10 months.  I am thrilled with my loss.  It has been slower than I would like, but .... It is awesome.  I am fitting into jeans that are 8 or 6's.  I topped out at a very tight 20.    I am a large or a medium on top.  I was a 22-24, 3X.   My bra size has gone from a 42E to to 36DDD.  I just feel so much better.    I wonder where I will end up.  My highest was 282 lbs.  My first big goal was to lose 100 lbs from surgery.  On my surgery day, I weighed 267.  I am getting close.  10.8 and I will hit that mark.  After that my next goal is to meet the surgeons goal of 155.  My initial random goal was 142 (half my higest weight). 

Where will I end up?  Very slow losing for me so I hope to get to 167 by my 1 yr anniversary.  After that, I just don't know.  I am not sure how much more I can lose.  I do have tons of extra abdominal fat/muffin top.  It is from being obese, but also from my pregnancy with the twins.  My babies were 7.5 and 6.15 so... my stomach is stretched out to say the least.  Excercise will not help that.  That is the BEST thing.  I have always worked out.  I enjoy going to the YMCA.  I just am thrilled now to be able to workout and see the results.  I definitely am going to buckle down and get more protein oriented with my food so that I can hit my goal by my year anniversary. 

Now, I am at the point were people do not recognize me.  I also am at the point were so many people at church are telling me not to lose any more.  I am a very muscular person.  I may end up weighing more than I would like, but I DEFINITELY want to lose more.  I will reach my 167 goal. 

Thank God for this surgery....


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