14 Months -- time to focus

Apr 27, 2010

I have been content and so thrilled with my new abilities and loving my new body.  Content isn't really a good thing for post WLS.  I am ready to focus and get to goal.  I have to lose 20+ more.  It will never come off if I don't step away from playing around with eating sugar and just coasting.  The workout part is so easy for me.  I don't know why, but I enjoyed classes at the YMCA as the fat chick.  I am loving them now.  I empowered by the "new" body and how it can workout.  Woohoo!!  It is a lifestyle choice and still a big change.   Maybe because that portion has been so easy for me... the sugar is slapping me upside my head.  I don't dump.  I have had a few queasy issues, but... I have tested it out.  I can really eat anything I want.  The food that makes me sick most often is chicken.  It has to be super moist or it gives me a pouch-ache.  I have some body image issues still, but I don't think workout will tone "it" up much more.  I had a free laser treatment done at a plastic surgeons office.  I saw what I would like to do for my upper arms.  Realy good results with only two holes in the arm, lipo and laser.  Maybe someday.  My arms and my stomach are what bugs me.  Really, I am pretty please with how well my skin has bounced back.  Those darn twins hurt my belly more than being overweight.  I am logging my food online again.  I know to have continued success I should be more dedicated to knowing what I put in my mouth on a daily basis.   My 15 months is coming up in May.  My 18 months in Aug.  Small goal for next month... the stupid scale to move.  Bigger goal for August.  Make goal.  My intent for surgery was to have a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life.  Even if I didn't lose another pound, I have no reason to start a daily sugar habit.  Contentment and sugar would be a very bad combination. 


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