7 years and need to lose regain.

Nov 16, 2016

Headed toward my 7 year anniversary in February.  2/13/2009 I thought my life was changed forever.  It was and I am so much healthier physically.  However, mentally, food is still my friend.  Older age helps nothing.  Being 50 now, things change physically and the honeymoon phase of RNY is long gone.  I know my tool is still working, but I have learned every way to eat and drink around it.  So, what changes do I make.  I have tried a program with huge sucess regarding all areas, not just food.  Education and focus on all phases of my life including self care and self development.  That was super informative, but I didn't lose my regain.  This month I have committed to the Baratric Eatiing No Regain plan.  I am protein shake and small baratric friendly meals to LOSE this REGAIN.  Gosh, regain, me the poster child of my RNY surgery.  My surgeon told me so back in the day.  This is the other side.  I had my surgery and the size 4 clothing.  How did this happen.  I dont even want to return to my lowest weight.  I am committing to losing 30 pounds.  That will put me back into my happy weight range. 

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