Mindfulness - A way to take care of yourself

Aug 29, 2011

I have found that being 'mindful' has proven to be a powerful tool too help me take care of myself. It requires me to be focused and present. It also helps me be aware and accountable. I am not always as 'mindful' as I'd like to be, but more so now than I was before I had my WLS. 

To me, being 'mindful' means that I am aware of what I'm doing and accountable to myself for my actions. Everyone needs to find their own ways of doing this, but I think that we all need to do this in order to be successful in the long term.

*  Being mindful mean I get on the scale daily so that I am aware of my weight and am able to make corrections when they are still minor.
*  Being mindful means logging my intake and activity if I notice that my scales are 'swinging' more than the 7 lb range that seems normal for my body.
*  Being mindful means thinking about what I'm eating and if it is something that 'fuels' my body.
*  Being mindful means leveraging my tool and 'taking care of business first', so that I start my meal with protein, move on to colorful carbs and then indulge in whatever else I want with whatever room I have left over.
*  Being mindful means being aware of how I'm 'feeling' when I'm eating


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