I've been sooooo tired

Nov 09, 2011

I've been soooo tired, having headaches all of the time, feeling achy as though I had the flu, my hands and feet hurt, and my legs feel like they always wont to be on the move, to say that I'm fatigued is the understatement of the decade and I'm having much more problems with depression...  and now I know why. I went to my PCP with my laundry list of complaints and he ran very comprehensive labs. The long and the short of it is that my iron levels are off:

Serum Ferritin is low at 5,
% Saturation is low normal at 16,
Iron Binding Capacity is slightly high at 473
TIBC is okay at 78

I'm being scheduled for an iron infusion with my Hematologist that followed me for my Hemachromatosis. When I first broached having RNY we discussed that this was a possibilitly. I am hoping that an infusion will help me feel a little more like me again. 


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