Hello, my name is Brenda. My story is really not very different than others that I have read.
I have always heard the word 'big'. I was a big baby, a big girl, always had big boobs, the only thing small on me are my ears!
My weight really got out of hand when I had some surgeries done. Then I went from one diet to the next and of course lose 30 lbs
., and gain 40. I was considering the lap band and now I have decided on the rny. I have met with my surgeon, Dr. Simon and I am awaiting for my pre-op tests and hopefully I have a date by December. I am so excited, can't wait to be on the losing side!

I had my psych exam, it was really different, I had to have his dog do a trick, yes I said his dog, before our session started. I ask him what tricks the dog did, he handed me a box with treats in it and said,'that's for you to find out'. I ask for the dog to shake, he did (just his paw) the dog laid down and we started the session. Never saw a
psychiatrist before, never want to again. I'll just commit myself, skip the office stuff...lol. He hand wrote our session on tablet paper, faxed it to my surgeon, collected the co-pay and I left. He did tell me that I scored a zero on one of the tests he gave me, he said how can I make any money off of you? I told him, sir, I am only here for clearance for a gastric by-pass.

I go for my pre-op testing tomorrow. I have to do an echo just to make sure everything is ok. So that means that I have to get up at 5 am and be ready to leave home at 6, yuk. My dear sweet sister and my nephew are going with me, that will be fun. She seems to always be the lucky one to travel with me when I have surgeries, I dont know what I would do without her . Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow, thanks!!! I will post later when I find out the results!

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