Sep 09, 2009

  Well, I've gone and done it. I have added ONE more thing in my life that I have a fiery HOT passion for, (besides singing), it's the Miche Bag!   You all know me; I am SO into handbags and shoes! Well, my designer handbag addiction was taking over my life and my closet (not to mention my wallet)! I found something that not only elimated my cluttered closet, but added to my wardrobe and sense of style...Miche Bag!   If you are wondering what a Miche Bag is, well it's the greatest invention since...well, since EVER! A Miche Bag is a base hand bag in either black or brown with as many different "shells" as you can imagine! A shell is a magnetic covering that simply adheres to the outside of the bag via credit card safe magnets. You can change the look of your bag in 3 seconds! You don't have to take everything out of your bag, you will know you have everything you need! Here are some of the "finer points":   1. Casual during the day, dressy at night - it's all the same bag! 2. You can match to your outfit, your shoes or your mood. 3. Won't take up much closet space, having many style options won't be so expensive or expansive! 4. Shells are so convenient for traveling! I took 4 with me on vacation this year and I didn't go over the airline weight limit! 5. Update your collection monthly! 6. These make great gifts...what woman doesn't want a bag that is stylish and fits her personality? 7. There's even matching wallets!   So, here's what I would like all my "peeps" to do; check out http://michegirl.com, enter the promo code "michestyle" and check out the latest in designer handbags! Christmas is coming and I am offering a 15% discount to all of my friends!
Don't order from the site...they won't give you the discount, but I WILL! Call me @ (937) 684-7185 or e-mail me and we'll set you up with your own Miche Bag! (AND one for your daughter(s), one for your mom, your aunt, your second cousin on your dad's side...you get the picture)! See? told you I had a fiery HOT passion for Miche Bag!!!
Your Miche Girl !  Bonnie


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