T-however many hours!

Apr 22, 2010

Check in time is set for 9am.  Surgery should begin between 10:30a and 11a.  Didn't sleep much last night (1/2 pain, 1/2 anxious) and I am sure I won't sleep tonight.  Just want to get this all over with.  Yahoo!!!  Protein shakes, here I come! 

Haven't been able to eat all day so I am feeling a little crabby!  Just liquids today...nothing good!  Guess I need to get use to it...haha!


Friday is the Day!

Apr 21, 2010

Friday is surgery day and I am terrified!  My stomach is in knots, I am nauseous, palms are sweating, and I have to pee every 30 minutes!  An to make it all better I still have 1 more day of work.  Hopefully work will help me keep my mind off hte surgery and the pain (gyn issues) so I can get through the day then focus on surgery on Friday morning.  I don't know what time surgery is yet but will find out ina couple hours (I have to wait until office opens on Thurs to call and get the check in time).  Just wanted to write my anxieties out so I can look back in a couple weeks and smile thinking it wasn't as bad as I worked it up in my head to be.  Wish me luck!

I will post when I return home from the hospital.  
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Surgery Date

Apr 04, 2010

It's official....April 23rd is the big day!! I have already started the pre-op diet, I'm actually 4 days in and not bad so far, plus I'm down 6 pounds already!  Of course the diet is not great but I was so prepared for feeling like I want to die on it that it hasn't been as bad as I prepped myself for, but I still have some time before surgery!

I went to my pre-op last week and it seems my dr is more favorable for me to have RNY than lap-band.  I never, ever considered RNY and was dead against it for myself.  After talking to the dr and getting family/friends support I am now leaning more towards RNY.  I have an appt with my nut tomorrow to talk about diet after RNY to make my final decision.  I have also solicitated advice from friends that had RNY and would be happy to hear others after RNY daily eating habits/meals.

I will post when I make my final decision on RNY vs. lap-band. 


Mar 02, 2010

I am almost afraid to write this because I am afraid I may jinx it....but, I have a surgery date set for April 23, 2010!  I am trying to have endometreosis surgery at the same time so that is why I am afraid to write the date.  I have the date saved with both providers (who both work for the same medical center) but they just need to talk out the logistics and details first before I can absolutely confirm.  My lapband provider is not back in until March 9th so I will know for sure next week.  Both offices have said it looks good from their end but they just want the providers to touch base to make extra sure it is a go.

I will keep you all posted when I get final confirmation!  The dreaded diet starts April 2......


Feb 26, 2010

It finally dr's referral team turned in the final pieces of paperwork (2 months after the initial referral request....anyway.....) and within an hour I had my pre-auth!  The good news is I am also planning to have surgery for endometriosis at the same time so life is almost on track!!!  The only bad news is the scheduler never called me back yesterday and won't be back until Monday so I don't have a date yet.  I will keep you posted!  I hope to be a loser, who is also endometriosis pain free, by the end of April!  This will give me time to build up vacation so I can take time off work!  life is about to get a whole lot better. 

And an update on hubby.....down 104 pounds!  (30 before surgery, the rest since 10/30/09)!
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The Waiting Game

Jan 21, 2010

So my husband received his referral within a week of submitting all the paperwork to the physician's office.  My physician's office submitted my paperwork to the insurance company on 12/24/09 and I have still not heard from the insurance company if I am approved for surgery.  I am a little frustrated because I expected mine to come as quick as my husbands but no such luck.  I have been ill lately with other health issues so getting on top of this referral has not been my number 1 priority.  I will call them on Monday if I haven't heard anything yet since they said it could take up to 15 business days plus there were holidays in there.  I am hoping to have the surgery scheduled in early April (since by the time I get the referral, get the pre-op scheduled, and get my pre-op diet on it will be a couple months).  Wish me luck in obtaining the referral....hoping it comes soon.  BTW, my husband had surgery 10/30/2009 and he is already down 90 lbs (30 before surgery, 60 since).  I am so proud of him I can not tell you how much I admire and love him!  my ever shrinking knight he is!

Getting very close!!

Nov 15, 2009

First I want to say my husband is so amazing!  He is already down 50+ pounds (he was down 30 before surgery and has lost at least 20 since surgery 2 weeks ago).  He has stuck to the plan so well and is an inspiration to me! 

I just found out last week that since my nutritionist talked to me about diet, excercise, and eating behavior at each visit and documented it that I only need 3 months worth of nutrition before the referral can be processed.  This means I am done with nutrition visits for the referral and I only need to complete my psych eval which I have scheduled for the 17th (this coming Tuesday!!).  So by the end of next week my referral should be in process. I am hoping to have the surgery the first week of January.  I could probably do it before the end of the year but I want to make sure I have enough money in my flexible spending account.  Since I don't know if I have enough left this year I want to be safe and do it next year. I am getting nervous but am excited to get on with the surgey and over the pre-op diet/3 week after surgery diet!


Hubby's Big Day!

Oct 30, 2009

Today he did it!  He is now banded.  He is doing well, sleeping as expected.  The surgery was an hour longer than expected because they found a hiatal hernia they had to fix before placing the band.  Then he was in recovery for 3 1/2 hours (2 hours longer than they said but it was not because of his health, just because of a busy day).  He had a rough time in recovery with the team taking care of him but it ended well and the recovery team had good intentions (it was just a very CRAZY day for them as well).  It was extremely stressful and nerve racking for both of us, but he was joking on the way home so I know he is the same person that went into the surgery!  I am excited for him to start his journey and am nervous that I will be next!  He is already down 30+ pounds from the pre-op diet.  Between the two of us we are down almost 50 pounds in 3-4 weeks!  Yahoo!  Oh and did I mention.....Dr Hunter is AMAZING!!!!  He was so comforting to me. I love him already and I only met him twice very briefly!
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Pre-Op for Hubby

Oct 22, 2009

My husband had his pre-op appt and met the dr yesterday. It went well.  My husbands cravings are going away (the ones for pizza and teriyaki!) and he has lost 21 pounds on the pre-op diet so far!!  He is 13 days into the diet so only 8 more to go!!  His surgery is coming up quick and I think he is more excited about it now that he had his pre-op.  I also got him to look at some before and after pictures on this site last night so I think that helped remind him of the final goal, even if it will be awhile before he hits it.  I am happy I have all your comments to read so I know these are just the stages of the surgery process and that neither of us are going crazy!


Oct 19, 2009

Well, it has been a rough week.  My husband is 10 days into his pre-op diet and hates it.  He is concerned he may not be doing the right thing.  This is very frustrating for him but sad for me too.  Part of me wants to tell him to just go eat pizza and forget the surgery so he will feel better, but the rest of me is saying you better not give up on us now!  I know he will get through it and that this is a fairly common reaction.

The good news is I had my 2nd appt with my nutritionist (actually 3rd, but 1st was just a consult) and I lost 10.8 pounds since I saw her last month!!  And I am still eating out everyday, so once I cut that out I will be dropping pounds much quicker! I am only still eating out since I don't want to eat around my husband right now since he is so fragile on his horrible drink diet.  Once he has surgery I will start cooking at home and bringing lunch more.  I am down 16 pounds so far.  I hope to lose at least another 20 before the surgery which I am hoping will be March or April.   My next goal is to schedule an appointment with a counselor and do my psych consult!  Fun!
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