Getting very close!!

Nov 15, 2009

First I want to say my husband is so amazing!  He is already down 50+ pounds (he was down 30 before surgery and has lost at least 20 since surgery 2 weeks ago).  He has stuck to the plan so well and is an inspiration to me! 

I just found out last week that since my nutritionist talked to me about diet, excercise, and eating behavior at each visit and documented it that I only need 3 months worth of nutrition before the referral can be processed.  This means I am done with nutrition visits for the referral and I only need to complete my psych eval which I have scheduled for the 17th (this coming Tuesday!!).  So by the end of next week my referral should be in process. I am hoping to have the surgery the first week of January.  I could probably do it before the end of the year but I want to make sure I have enough money in my flexible spending account.  Since I don't know if I have enough left this year I want to be safe and do it next year. I am getting nervous but am excited to get on with the surgey and over the pre-op diet/3 week after surgery diet!


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