Fall '09 is in the air!

Sep 02, 2009

Well here we are in September. I got a call a few weeks back telling me my case has been approved by MSI and I was to see the surgeon on Sept 3. Excited, no, estatic, yes!! I was very nervous also as I hear that Dr. Ellsmere is not a conversationalist-and I am.....Anyway, I guess he is just shy but very gracious in answering any questions we may have. So last weekend I headed to Walmart to buy new jammies and a few essentials. I packed my bags in anticipation on a not-so-long wait. Low and behold, I was trumped by a Kidney Transplant!  Seriously though, that is O.K. As I told Dianne at Dr.E's office, I have been fat all of my life and a few weeks will not make much difference. Then she told me my surgery had been booked for Sept 14. I was just shocked! They were going to spring that news on me when I went in for my consult. I should have known actually, as Dianne had booked all my pre-op tests for that afternoon. Anyway, now my appt. has been postponed to Sept 17. I am still hopeful that the surgery date won't be too far along.  I am packed and ready to go. Right now I am creating a  list of questions for the good ole Doc as my memory tends to go blank in a pinch. I bought all my protien drinks and this weekend I am going to get some soups and concoct some purees. I bit the bullet and bought a "BULLET" It is awesome and does a great job with ice. Much better than my blender and much easier to clean. Blender=yardsale now!  I am worth the $32 I spent on it.  The weeks will pass by fast and this delay gives me time to loose more weight. I have 93lbs to loose so I am hopeful I will loose it all with the VSG (minus whatever I loose on my own).  At this rate Xmas Turkey will still be on my menu. YEAH. I do have some concerns thought. One being "where are  all the chins going to go" Will the skin just hang or will it tighten up. I have never see my cheekbones....I wonder if I have any. And what is a collarbone anyway!  All these oh so important questions that I sit and wonder about.   I will keep you all posted in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for reading my blog and being interested in my journey.


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