My surgery date

Sep 17, 2009

Well, today I got my surgery date. October 5 pending I don't get bumped by someone more serious. So I met Dr. Ellsmere today for the first time. A very nice man, a bit shy or something that I cannot put my finger on. Didn't make eye contact but nevertheless, a very nice man who wanted me to ask questions. He seems very non-chalant. Anyway he has credentials up the ying-yang and that is all that matters. So, he told me that over the last 18 months the results from the VSG have been "stallar". He is confidant that I am a great candidate for this type of surgery given the amount of weight I have to loose. He is excited to see the end result. He told me he can assure me I will be very happy with the results. Even getting off of a few meds. that I take. So, on I go with the preparation for this awesome, life saving journey. I feel so priviledged like I have just won the lottery. Stay tuned for much more excitement.


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