Three weeks out!

Oct 25, 2009

Well, here I am, three weeks out! I had my surgery on Oct 5. Now it just seems like a blur. The years I waited for this surgery and here I am, drinking my shake thinking that it has been three weeks already. So I guess I should share some information about my hospital stay. My surgery was done at the VG Hospital in Halifax. The VG site is part of the QE11 hospital that consists of many hospitals. Well, my DH and my sister, Dianne, attended with me in the absence of my beloved sister, Aldona, who passed away in January. Everything was awesome and everyone was so nice and very professional UNTIL I got back to my room. With the exception of one little sweet nurse, my story is a bit depressing. Not only is there a nursing shortage at that hospital, but the bed-side manner of some of the nurses is just not there. Oddly enough, there was three people in my ward, but I had a different nurse than the other two. Their nurse was in and out all day long. My nurse only came in if I buzzed her. I han't peed for two days and no-one really seemed to care. Then when I told the Dr. he suggested a catheter. I don't know, but I was so glad to get home and get some proper care from my DH and my sister. At one point when I thought I needed to pee, I buzzed a nurse. She told me over the speaker to just unplug my iv pole and go to the bathroom myself. Well, for starters I was as weak as a blade of grass, and for seconds, my iv pole only had one wheel. There was no way I could maneover myself with that horrid thing. Two days in that place was enough for me. Maybe I am spoiled because our local hospitals are like spas and the nursing staff becomes your friend. Thank God I am home and doing so well. Apart from not knowing when I am hungry or full, I am coping well. I have lost only about 10lbs but I have never lost that much weigt in three weeks on a conventional diet. And I am down 23lbs since July. So, I am happy. I have a long way to go but I have to tools to get me to goal. What I love about the sleeve is that there is no fuss or no muss. If I eat what I am supposed to there will be no problem. I am learning to slow down and eat smaller portions. That is so important in any diet. I am on my way and I am so grateful for Dr. Ellsmere and his wonderful team. They are stars!! Good luck everyone who embarks on this journey.


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