My name is Rebecca, but you can call me Becca or Becky--I will answer to either.  I am 33 years old and from Pounding Mill, Va.  I am currently weighing in at 269 pounds at 5'6".  I have high blood pressure (Hyzaar and Norvasc), rheumatoid arthritis (two knee replacements and hip dysplasia birth defect), and a thyroid disease.  I have hovered between 245-260 for the past couple years, depending on the time of year.  I always gain 5-10 pounds near the holidays and it takes me most of the year to shake it off again...just in time for the cycle to start up all over.

I recently went to see Dr. Bruce Schirmer at the University of VA Medical Center, for a consult about weight loss surgery.  I had been completely set on a gastric bypass, until I went in for the consult.  We had to attend a class beforehand and after hearing all the info, I opted for Lap-Band.  

Dr. Schirmer was very knowledgable, and he didn't make me feel stupid when I asked him all the questions I had down in my little notebook.  He put me instantly at ease, and talked about my future weight loss goals.  He said that a gastric bypass and Lap-Band system are both only tools, and that if a person wants to "cheat" the surgery, they will find a way no matter which surgery they choose to do.  He said he's had some Lap-Banders who have lost more than gastric bypass and vice versa. 

I am looking forward to getting a surgery date.  I have to send my past five months weigh in's and PCP's letter of approval, the psychological evaluation, and the sleep study results back to his office, as soon as I complete that process, he said his people would be contacting my insurance and getting the approval, then they would contact me with a follow up date so we can set my surgery!  I am so excited.  I haven't been under 200 pounds since 1996.  :-(  I keep saying this is my year...and this time, I can finally mean it.

I am looking forward to getting to know the members of this community.  It will help so much to have this kind of support on hand.  

07/09/07 -day of surgery:
Weight 269 lbs
52 inch waist
42.6 BMI

08/09/07-one month out:
Weight 244 lbs
50 inch waist
39.4 BMI

09/09/07-two months out:
Weight 231
49 inch waist
37.1 BMI

02/09/08-seven months out:
Weight 208
43.5 inch waist
33.6 BMI

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