I live in Jacksonville and work on Camp Lejeune.I am engaged to be married to a wonderful man who loves and supports me no matter what I look like. He recently left a supervisor job at JPD to become a civilian police officer on Camp Lejeune.  I realize that is in fact a blessing to have him in my life.

I work permanent nights as a 911 dispatcher on Camp Lejeune. I consider it a privilege to work with the soldiers, fireman, paramedics and police officers on base. I also consider it a privilege to help the dependents who sacrifice their loved ones for our freedom. I have struggled with my weight for the past several years. I did lose over 50 lbs in 2004 after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Since then I have gained that weight back and a bunch more.

I was never overweight as a child, or even a teenager. I lived in a bikini... on the beach... every single day. Now... forget it! I will not even put on a bathing suit. (Would not do that to the poor people who would be on the receiving end!) In 1996 I got real sick with what I thought was a cold... turned into strep throat... then to mono and then to a life threatening arrhythmia. It was the scariest time of my life. I went from being a healthy, attractive, very active young woman in her twenties... to a complete mess passing out all over town! For the next couple of years I was in and out of the hospital and on several "trial" medications to lower my heart rate. My physical activity was limited by the Dr... not that it mattered because all the medication made me feel so lousy even the  thought of working out made me tired.

I did end up having two different surgeries (ablations) which helped with the arrhythmia but I also had about 50 lbs to lose!  Let me just say the weight was much easier to put on than to take off!

I am not lazy. I do enjoy going to the gym and walking around my beautiful neighborhood. Or... should I say I used to. I have gained so much weight that now I do not even enjoy that. I am absolutely miserable with myself. I look in the mirror and do not even recognize myself. I do not take anytime to make myself look better anymore. I almost have the "why bother?" attitude.

Along with being absolutely disgusted with my appearance I have the health risks that go along with being overweight. I have PCOS, Type2 diabetes, high cholesterol and I am constantly tired.

I want to work out again. I want to run. I want to look in the mirror and recognize the person staring back at me. Most of all... I want to look amazing in my wedding dress!

I am very much aware that weight loss surgery is just a tool to lose weight. I have made a promise to myself if I can get this weight off I am going to live a healthy life. 

I have my first appointment with Dr. Chapman @ ECU on October 9th at 3:00.  I have my group orientation on October 22nd.

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