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Jan 08, 2022

I'm back to update. I've regained & relost & regained over & over. 4 years ago I ended up in the hospital with A-fib & CHF. Wake up call. I've had 3 cardioversions & 3 ablations. I was over 220# AGAIN.  Some of it was fluid retention. At the beginning of the pandemic I got serious,  I'm not afraid of contracting COVID but I  am afraid of what will happen if I do. Having pneumonia twice & being in the hospital 11 days with CHF that aggravated the A-fib I don't want anymore breathing issues. Dr put me on Ozempic to help then I found NOOM, there's stuff that we can't really do but the psychology is sound. I've lost 70#, my liver enzymes are back to normal,  my glucose is below 100. I still have a way to go,  I want to lose about 20#. Coworkers will say " You're getting too thin,  you've lost enough weight" I know my Dr will NOT let me lose too much. She's happy with my progress. I need to excercise, no reasons not to,  lots of excuses. I haven't gotten my reconstructive surgeries but I'm patient. If it's meant to happen it will


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