Joseph Colella

"I had Dr Shelksohn,in Tucson Arizona. I thought he was the greatest. He was a straight forward type of guy with a dry sense of humor (reminded me of my grandfather). He said it like it was, what I could and couldn't do. He didn't sugar coat any of it. He wouldn't let me have anything by mouth for the 3 days I was in the hospital, said he felt it gave the stomach a better chance to heal. To tell you the truth, I could have cared less about eating anyways,it would have just been one more nuisance. He couldn't emphasize enough that the most important thing postsurgery was CHEWING my food, and chewing it well. The only problem I had was, since I had my surgery through a weight loss program out west and I live back east, there was no real follow up and my PCP was totally unaware as to my needs, the only thing he did for me was take a peek at my incision one time (could do that for myself!!!). The rest of it was a solo trip. Dr. Shelksohn was a wonderful man and a wonderful surgeon, my scar healed beautifully and my healing went well. I had Dr Colella & Dr Patel for my revision. I can't say enough good about them. Dr Patel is no longer with Dr C, he has gone on to start his own branch of bariatric surgery. Dr C now has Dr Williams as a Fellow, I love both of them. They have been compassionate & understanding. When I was scared they were there, as were their staff, to answer questions & soothe my nerves. My scar looks great, at least as great as any scar that goes from the bottom of your breastbone to your belly button can look. I feel wonderful, they have truly given me a new life. The only negative thing I have found,so far, is that I NEVER wait less than 2 hours to be seen. One time was an emergency visit, that I can understand, I was being squeezed in. But my regular appointment was also a 2 hour wait. I appreciate that they always make me feel important & I never feel like they are rushing me through my appointment, but my time is valuable too. Well, Dr Colella has left the WPAHS and is a dr at UPMC (AARRGGGHHH), I haven't been back to the office since I got a bad impression of the surgeon who has taken over his practice. Dr Colella always said that "You didn't fail the surgery, the surgery failed you" when I saw the new surgeon, I asked him "Why am I having such a hard time? Why am I gaining weight?" his reply? "I don't know, what are you doing wrong?" Some help......I just see my PCP & endocrinologist now, that is enough since they have been with me through most of this and the new surgeon has only seen me 2 times and both times were MANY years post-op."

James Barber

"I love Dr Barber, he is a very compassionate and concerned doctor. I have recommended him to my friends."

Monica Farland

"Originally I started taking my Mum to Dr Farland. I found her to be VERY caring and efficient so decided to make her my own PCP. I have been so happy with her."

Hema-Plex® Softgels

"I started this as soon as I could eat solid foods, I haven't had my levels checked yet, but I have been on it for 3 months. I get my levels done in about 2 weeks. I DO know that I feel better than I have in a long time. Hema-plex is also loaded with other nutrients & vitamins such as Vit D & Zinc. I think I get the most bang for my buck."

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