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Exhaustion - Hi all,  I'm 10 months out from RNY . Lately I've noticed I am feeling exhausted. I'm taking multivits and B complex and calcium. I really think I'm not getting enough prote...

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2 weeks out - 2 weeks out and feel like I could run a marathon! Know better, but it's nice to have the energy!!! People have told me I seem much happier. I pray that these good things keep go...

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Good job!!! I'm at the same was 3/14....

beth426 posted a discussion topic 7 years, 7 months ago
also 4 days pain but SWOLLEN - I'm 4 days post-op bypass, no real pain, never has been. I'm concerned because my abdomen is so swollen. I know the bruising  is normal, I'm able to drink all the required fluid...
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