Feb 15, 2009


Its been so long

Sep 20, 2008

Now I know why people dont post for a while after surgery.  Some people meaning me.  Its just been so long.  Well to sum it all up, ive lost 60lbs to date.  Even with some and i mean just 1 or 2 things, i would do it all over again.  im so happy i went with the band.  i give a lot of credit to people that have the bypass. because its tough enough with this band. 


Mar 19, 2008

FINALLY!!!! Something I can look forward to.  A Date!!1  April 14, 2008.  Possibly sooner if there are any cancellations.  But I am happy with that.  If its sooner, its a bonus.  I have waited so long for this and finally happy with the Surgeon.  He is absolutely wonderful.  Have total trust in him.  I cant wait to even lose 15 lbs, or even reach 300/299.  I havent been there in I dont know how long.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

New Changes

Feb 26, 2008

Ok, so I moved back to Long Island, and had to switch surgeons.  Dr. Collin Brathwaite is so nice.  I went to his seminar, of course required.  But the good thing is that he is going to take alll my preop stuff that I had done upstate.  I am so grateful for that.  He also does NOT require a 10% weight loss.  Only with a bmi of 60 and above.  My actual appt with him is on 3/4/08.  I cant wait!!!!! 

Just an update to my weight loss

Oct 30, 2007

I forgot to post this for myself to remember but I when I went to the surgeons back in September, apparantly I am down to 319.  Now they are taking my highest weight in their office which was 325.  Doesnt make me feel any better.  But my highest weight this year is actually 332.  I will never for get that because I got off the weight watchers scale and cried incredibly.  It just creeps up on ya.  It s extremely difficult to lose forget about maintaining.   So im a little disappointed that its not more.  My next appt isnt until november

Responses to this made me feel better today.

Oct 30, 2007

Thanks  to all that applied to this:

Im wondering what anyone else would think or how they would take this scenerio.  I recently read a post/s and thought to myself at first, hmmmm this is a very negative, & nasty person ( i assumed of course i dont know).  This person posts issues about self whether its bad or good.  However, I have only seen the negative affects that wls has had on the poster.  I may have not read all of course and there may be more.  But the pages upon pages I have read are extremely negative.  

My question is, would this have any effect on your decision to have surgery or not?  Now, one might say well you dont know all of it or what is really going on.  No i dont!  However, I do believe people have the right to post what they want and yet a "preopers" like me (speaking for myself of course & myself only) really takes into consideration what this one person has said.  Now what i read was mainly medical issues now after wls, no where that i can find did i see that there where PRIOR medical issues anywhere posted.  

I really dont want to get into specifics about who this is and i wont.  But i wanted to see what others might think in this situation if they read pretty much as I have read.

Does this make sense?  probably not......bit confused myself and i havent had wls yet.  lol.

In a nutshell.  If someone is soooooooooo negative and devotes a great deal of time to posting, would you think that they just really over exagerating or not?  

Please do not slam me.  If you feel ur gonna do that then dont respond.  It just curiosity on my part.  Im not slamming this person im just wondering if this would sway anyone in any way


Sep 06, 2007

Other than the obvious of health and life...and so on.  

I hope no one gets offended.....but you know your one of them know you can relate to some of these things.

Things that make me say....I cant F *&^ wait to lose weight because of not haveing to: Now of course these things i have come across all of no way am i implying that anyone here is the same.....

Not have to buy baby wipes because the toilet paper gets stuck to my ass while wiping.

Wearing shorts in the summer and getting so dam sweaty that your shorts rise between your legs and it gets all wet...(not in a provocotive way of course)

Being able to actually fit in a tub without over flooding the tub with a half tub full of water

Being able to wear 1 sanitary napkin without feeling like your wearing a diaper...( i know im sorry)
Not having to have to hold on to the tub railing while in the shower to be able to clear your A$$ to reach back there and clean or having to sit on the edge of the tube A$$ end in tub and using a shower head set on sharp stream to actualy be able to rinse off good... (sorry) 

Not sweating in your folds and feeling like everyone "smells" you.  (you know youve been there)

Being able to fit into some of these publis restrooms that are for gumbies only.....You know who you are too...the ones that when you get in and sit down and then you cant even open your legs to wipe.....or to turn wipe.....

Being able to get off the elevator with people still on it and it not springing back up because you got off it.

Not feeling like i have a body like beetlejuice -huge body but this small round marble head....

Not having to sit in my car at a local stewarts or 7-11 until the kids in front of the entrance way go away and not congregate (sp) so that i can go in and not have anyone laugh at me as i go past them....and if they dont leave for a while...i leave...and never get what i need....(that is horrible that i let people make me think this way..)

Im sure there is more, but as i was driving in this morning i thought of these things......

8/31/07 Ugh!!!!

Aug 31, 2007

 Toilet Reading You know this morning I realized (being pre-op) that I have become obsessed with the scale.  I have to lose the 10%, of course i understand the reasons for this.  I was never so obsessed with the scale before, as a matter of fact, to be honest although I know i am fat and way overweight, i never really felt "ugly".  Not to say that anyone else felt or feels "ugly" thats just what I please dont assume that im talking about anyone here.....So therefore, never felt the need to go on the scale as much as I do now.  I of course watched myself in what i ate but never lost..i stayed at 326 now for i dont know how long and thats only because the doctors offices weigh when at an appt.  

But because i have to lose this i am uncontrollably on this frikin thing every day 2-3x a day.......thatll make you needing psych help the doctors not realize this........cmon now...i really wish they litterally where handcuffed to us to see how we deal with this. on this scale kick only to see I have not lost yet again another lb.

Just an Update 6/12/07

Jun 12, 2007

Well I got the results of the sleep test....and I have mild-moderate sleep apnea.  It was the worst on my back.  They said it was severe on my back.  Soooooo, now I have to go back again for another sleep test, but with the cpap machine this time and they will set me up for one for home.  They claim that I will have nice sleeping after I get this machine.  I hope so.  

I went for my psych clearance and i have to go back for the 2nd half.  I am not sure if I like her.  She kinda talks over you when she asks a question.  But i need to have it done.  

I still have to have cardiac clearance.  That has to be within a month of the surgery and no i press on........I kinda cant wait and then there are moments where i get nervouse,,but it passess.......

im glad i have friends both on OH and around me personally to help me.......

I will post soon.....

oh the 10%......NOT.......still staying at 330.  Ive maintained that i think for at least a year...or more......


May 29, 2007

Well, its been a while since posting and some things to update.  Dr. Singh was "ok" he was kinda to the point and almost seemed as though he wanted to get through the appt and then say"have any questions?  No!  good, see you in however many weeks".  But he is one of the best here.  I was told to order some tests and they were.

Pulmonary clearance-completed.

Sleep test-Completed -waiting for results

This 10% is really killing me.  I went up agains since I stopped smoking.  When will it end.  I have a friend who went through the surgery and when i start doubting all of this i email her, and drive her crazy and she puts me back in my place.  My other friend kim, is having surgery as well but with a different surgeon.  My nex appt with the surgeon will be mid june and i dont think i will have the weight down.  I wish i had the money for nutri-system again.  I did well on that.  Of course gained back, but to just get the 10% off.  Well all I can do is try.  Excercising is hard because my joints hurt.  So I continue to struggle.  I will update soon. 

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Responses to this made me feel better today.
8/31/07 Ugh!!!!
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