3 Month Post-Op

May 15, 2012

May 14th marked my 3 months Post-Op.

Where do I start......

Pre Op   lost 22 lbs

Month 1 lost 20 lbs
Month 2 lost 11 lbs
Month 3 lost 15 lbs
Total Weight Loss since surgery, 3 months.... 46 lbs...average of 15 lbs a month

Total Weight Loss since the start of my journey..... Jan-11-2012 = 68 lbs

All I can say is I am pretty darn happy with my results so far! I am enjoying this journey every day.

I have had whatsover no complications so far and have no problems eating the foods that I want.  Of course I try as much as possible to eat as healthy as I can, but I have my bad days.

I love the restriction that I have and love the feeling of getting full with only a small amount of food and I still feel as satifsfied as before and do NOT miss the big portions at all!!

I love the fact that I do not have the hunger pains like before, just like an "empty" feeling and that it's time to put food in my body.

I can't wait to see what the next 3 months brings!

3 Month Weight Loss Journey

Apr 10, 2012

Today marks my 3 month Weight Loss Journey.

My highest weight was Jan 10th, 2012 and weighed in at 333.

I decided to follow the Slim Fast Diet prior to my 2 week Pre-Op diet and total lost from Jan 10th to Feb 14th was 22 lbs.

On surgery day, Feb 14th i was 311 and today, Apr 10th, i weighed in at 280 and have lost a total of 53 lbs in 3 months! I can hardly believe it myself!!

I just can't wait what the next 3 months brings for me! 

1 Week Post-Op

Feb 22, 2012

I got sleeved February 14th, Valentine's Day, it probably will be my best Valentine's Day gift Ever!!

I was pretty nervous that morning, I had to be there for 9 am, and then I was brought up to the 3rd floor for preparation after admission.   Surgery time was supposed to be 11 am, but we waited until almost 12 pm before they got the call that they were ready for me. I think that is where I got a bit nervous as I was wondering why was the Dr. late?  Did he have complications with his first surgery?? Million things were going through my mind and wondering if I should just go home!! LOL

Anyways, then they brought me downstairs, and then I was put in the little waiting room before wheeling me in the operation room. Some nurses, anesthesiologist and other people I didn’t know were asking me questions.  Then Dr B, came over, talked to me for a few mins and then smiled at me and said “Welcome to your new life”! I just smiled back and said Thank You!!

Once in the operation room, there was like 6-7 people already in there preparing, I got on the operating table and they started working on me, everyone all over the place. Then finally they put a mask on me and told me to breath in deeply to make sure I had plenty of oxygen in my lungs, and don’t remember anything after that, little buggers didn’t even told me I was going to sleep!!

So in the waking room, first thing I remembered when I heard someone calling my name, was “Holy Shit!! What have I just done to myself!!?”  My chest felt like there was a 50 lb brick lying there!! I could hardly breathe and my mouth was so dry that all I wanted to water, they did give me water, which really surprised me, they gave me water and a straw and I was able to drink a little. 

Then nausea started! Seems every 5 mins or so it was hitting me and they had to give me some meds so I wouldn’t get sick. I think I stayed in that room for about 1 hr or so, not so sure, as I know is that they moved me to my ICU room at about 3pm or so.

So mostly from this point on I was so sleepy and slept most of the day.  At night, different story, was not able to sleep, had a lot of pains, still nauseated and they had to keep giving medication for that. At night I was only able to sleep about 1 hr at a time then I would wake up in pain till they gave me more meds.

Next day was still pretty rough also, Monique and Rinette came to see me shortly after 9am and talked to me for a bit, then maybe about ½ hr later, Dr B came to talk to me, gave me the ok to go home that day. So I left the hospital prob around noon.

The rest of that day was pretty rough also, couldn’t drink water or take any meds, as at home I vomited when I tried to take prescription with a little water so slept most of that day also.

3rd day, was able to sip a little water without feeling sick at all, and from then, it kept getting a bit better each day. I took pain meds maybe for the first 3 days, but it wasn’t every 4 hrs, after that it was only mostly at night because I found if I took them during the day it would just make me sleepy.

So 1st week done and liquids are coming down not too bad, still have some gas bubbles in my sleeve depending what I drink, I’m doing really well with Jello and happy I can have that!

Looking forward to start blended food, I need to think of what kind of things will actually be half decent blended so if any of you have any ideas of what you had please feel free to share and give me ideas!!

Over all, I’m glad I had surgery, I know it will just keep getting better and better as the days goes by!


Monthly Weigh-Ins

Feb 19, 2012

  Weight Mthly Loss Since Surgery Total Loss  
Year 1
1/10/2013 Highest Weight 333.0      
2/14/2012 Surgery Day 311.0     22.0
3/14/2012 1 Mth Post Op 291.0 -20.0 -20.0 -42.0
4/14/2012 2 Mth Post Op 280.0 -11.0 -31.0 -53.0
5/14/2012 3 Mth Post Op 265.0 -15.0 -46.0 -68.0
6/14/2012 4 Mth Post Op 254.0 -11.0 -57.0 -79.0
7/14/2012 5 Mth Post Op 247.0 -7.0 -64.0 -86.0
8/14/2012 6 Mth Post Op 232.0 -15.0 -79.0 -101.0
9/14/2012 7 Mth Post Op 219.5 -12.5 -91.5 -113.5
10/14/2012 8 Mth Post Op 211.0 -8.5 -100.0 -122.0
11/14/2012 9 Mth Post Op 203.0 -8.0 -108.0 -130.0
12/14/2012 10 Mth Post Op 194.5 -8.5 -116.5 -138.5
1/14/2013 11 Mth Post Op 186.5 -8.0 -124.5 -146.5
2/14/2013 12 Mth Post Op 180.0 -6.5 -131.0 -153.0
Year 2
3/14/2013 13 Mth Post Op 176.5 -3.5 -134.5 -156.5
4/14/2013 14 Mth Post Op 175.5 -1.0 -135.5 -162.0
5/14/2013 15 Mth Post Op 173.0 -2.5 -138.0 -161.0
6/14/2013 16 Mth Post Op 170.0 -3.0 -141.0 -164.0
7/14/2013 17 Mth Post Op 167.5 -2.5 -143.5 -166.5
8/14/2013 18 Mth Post Op 167.5 0.0 -143.5 -166.5
9/14/2013 19 Mth Post Op 161.0 -6.5 -150.0 -172.0
10/14/2013 20 Mth Post Op 163.0 0.0 -148.0 -170.0
11/14/2013 21 Mth Post Op 162.0 -1.0 -149.0 -171.0
12/14/2013 22 Mth Post Op 165.0 +3.0 -146.0 -168.0
1/14/2014 23 Mth Post Op 165.0      
2/14/2014 24 Mth Post Op 164.0  -1.0  -147.0  -169.0



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