O you sneaky 3.5 week stall! 248 to 252 :(

Jul 24, 2014

Geez, what happened? I am stalled again with weight gain, blergh. Talked to my doc and of course they all say this is normal and I get it but it is so disheartening. I wish I could talk my body through what's happening and coax it to just let go of the fat; let it gooooo. I, like many others am concerned that I'll keep gaining or never loose; it really is depressing. I have not strayed and will keep the course - 3 3oz meals a day and two protein shakes with at least a few SF snacks here and there. I do have to up my water by alot! Also need to start doing more exercise but I've been super tired. I did get a script for B12 shots so hopefully that will help out. I hid my scale and I don't want to see it for another three weeks so take that you shit! As for my period, I still haven't had it and just have to wait til my body sorts itself out.

I am frustrated, sad but not broken. One day at a time and I know this is all very routine but gah, I'd like to keep moving on, er down :(