So here it is my story......... The lowest weight I can remember is in 7th grade I lost 20lb's and weighed 220lb's. I have been fat all of my life. I can remember in 5th grade in middle school my gym teacher gave me a size 2X gym shirt. I asked him why did you give me such a big shirt? He said you'll grow in to it. I was puzzled then one of my friends was like he thinks you are going to get fatter. I was so embarrassed every time I put that shirt on for gym class it was like this looming nightmare was just around the corner.

My mom was big when I was growing up but by the time I was 18 she hit 500lb's and had a heart attack. That was the worse day of my life I can remember thinking serves her right and then feelling so ashamed of my self and crying harder. She got the banding weight loss surgery done and has lost 350lb's and looks so beautiful and is loving life. She really inspires me to be a better person. 

I was around 240 when I graduated high school. I broke my arm and it did not heal for 4 years and 4 surgery's. The Doctor left a sponge in my arm and did not check for infection. Right before my last surgery at a new hospital they told me if this surgery does not work you are going to loss your arm. It worked thank god. I have my arm back for 5 years now. In that time with my arm I grown to 360lb's. I just lost all hope and drank and ate my life away!!! I lost 100lbs in 2005 and kept it off till my 8th month of pregnancy and it all piled on in 2 months back up to 368lbs.

I decided then and there I have a son & I can't live like this!!! So I made my choice to get duodenal switch. I pray to GOD I will look in the mirror a year post DS and see the real me.

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