2 years out

Aug 12, 2011

 So every thing has really slowed down now in my life an all the craziness from the surgery. I still have about 25lb's to loss on my own. I just started low carb again an I already lost 6lb's in a week. Guess I was really going over board with the sugar & carbs. I'm getting ready to get every thing ready for the plastics surgery journey to start. I want to get to my goal of 165lb's before I really go balls out to all my Doctors to write there letters to my insurance company. Other wise most little problems have fixed there selves over time. Acne went away, friends turned back to normal, most foods don't make me run to the bathroom any more an when I look in the mirror I see the new me most of the time but still see the big me once in a while. I'm so happy that I choose to do this for me an my son. I just have to finish with the little road bump an plastics an I'm in the clear. Thanks for checking in an good luck : )

1 Year out

Aug 29, 2010

 So its 1 year after surgery already. Wow did time fly!!!! So I'm around 210ish right now I still have 60lb's to go. I'm very proud of how far I have come. I have my issues though like all drastic weight loss people have. I look in the mirror in the morning and see one person and look later and see some one else. It is so weird my mind and body are some times not connected. The other thing that is weird mentally is thinking that my weight loss is just going to get token away any minute an I'm going to go right back to being 368lb's. I'm going to start concealing next month so that should help with all the mental stuff. I hope   Other wise the WOW moments where the most evident when I went camping this summer. I wasn't scared to break those little step on the front of campers. I could fit on floaty thing and the floating pier out in the pond. I sat in those cloth fold up chair and wasn't afraid I break it. I felt confident in my swim suits and dresses. It really felt Like a normal person an I could breath for the fist time in my life. I fit in to life completely!!!!! I know I still have 60lb's to go and I wont rest till I get there. I'm on a mission to be completely happy with my body. After I get to 150lb's I'm going to look into plastics. I'm scared but I know its the right move for me. My goals are : 194lb's 80% - 180lb's Drivers licenses picture - 164lb's 200lb weight loss - 150lb's goal weight before plastics - 130lb's after plastics. Wish me luck I know I will finish my journey there is no doubt in my Mind!!!  

9 months out

May 20, 2010

 So I have been doing really good with exercising. I got new exercise DVDs and I have been walking every where. I can really say I feel great!!!! My body shape is changing from all the exercise in a great way. I've been religiously exercising for 2 and a half month now. I'm so proud of my self I never thought I would get to this point. I still have 110lb's to go but I know I will get there no doubt at all. The surgery has got me half way and now I want to work for the last half. My weight loss has not been what I thought it would with all the exercise I have been doing. It was 9lb's last month and 8lb's this month. I think that I am gain a lot of muscle but I want to get my number up this next month. I'm going to do every thing I can to get it up to at least 15lb's. Just keep the ball rolling!!!!

7 Months out

Mar 23, 2010

 Right now I'm down 113 lb's. I feel really great. The only thing I'm having problems with is getting the extra exercise in. I walk a hour ever day but I'm not getting in the exercise videos & exercise bike that I want to. I hope to be under 200 lb's by June. Its kinda hoping alot considering my weight loss has slowed. But if I can get in the extra exercising and summer is coming I might pull it off and stay on schedule. Other wise my surgery anniversary goal is to  be 168 lb's with a 200 lb's weight loss in 1 year. I can do it I just got to get dedicated to doing the extra. good luck to me. Hope all is well with every ones journey.

3 months out

Nov 08, 2009

 I've been doing great. I lost around 55-60lb's. I don't know cause I only weigh my self at the Doc office.

I can wear all my before pregnancy clothing that feels really great. But I kinda don't like my old clothes but what ever I'll loss out of them.

My goal is to fit into my skinny jeans. 20lb's and I'll be there.

I'll post new Pic's soon.


1 Month out

Sep 04, 2009

 Its my one month out after surgery. I lost 30 lb's this far. I feel good about it I was aiming for 40 lb's. Every one is different so I'm OK with 30 lb's. I'm doing a lot better now with my pulled muscle in my stomach it is healed and I can eat with out throwing up most of the time.

I can't fit all the way into my before pregnancy weight size 26 jeans. I think the will fit in about 20-25 Pounds. I guess I can't wait to pull up my favorite jeans zip them up a feel like my self again. That day is my first goal.

I have to start exercising again. When I hurt my self I toke it really easy. Now that I'm healed I'm going to get off my butt. Do my Pilate's and exercise bike every day.

Hear I go!!!! Till next moth..........


Healing but having problems

Aug 17, 2009

 So I'm 2 weeks out and I was doing really good but the last 3 days have been horrible!!!

First I ripped a muscle or some thing in my stomach. I can't bend over at all. If I do it is the worst piercing pain ever. I relaxed for a few days and the pain not as bad as it was but is still there.

Second I can not eat any thing with out throwing it back up. None of my pureed food is staying down. It was so weird I was fine and then 3 days ago my stomach just changed. I have a lot of Flem I'm throwing up. my theory is that my stomach is filled with Flem so when ever I eat some thing my stomach is so filled up I puke.

I hope every thing improves tomorrow or I'm calling my Doctor.

God I hope I'm alright!!!


I'm Home

Aug 07, 2009

 So I was is the hospital for 8/4/09- 8/7/09. So I stayed for 3 days. I feel OK coming home I still have some gas and discomfort but it's getting better every day. 

Dr. Chua made my common Chanel 75 cm and the stomach volume 100 ml-3 oz. Which is what I wanted.

So happy its over. Recovering and starting my new life.


The day before surgery!!!!

Aug 03, 2009

Hay its one day before my surgery. I feel good about my decision to get DS. I think I would feel uneasy if I was still getting RNY. I was just so concerned I was not making a permanent life change and the weight would come back on. If I wouldn't have gone through all the bu**S#[email protected] on my journey with WLS I would have never found the surgery that's right for me DS. So in the end like always "Every bad thing that happens to you, follows with the best thing that ever happened to you!!!"

So I go in at 5:30am. I have to leave my house at 4:30am. 

I can't wait to be a healthy-sexy-mommy!!!


All my Pre-OP Testing done and ready

Jul 21, 2009

 So I had all the testing done today and I talked to my dietitian. My dietitian told me I was the most prepared patent she has ever seen. That made me feel confident. So they did blood work asked me about my health and medications. They did so many x-ray type stuff and a upper GI. OMG that was gross they had me eat Cristal's and drink thick chalk stuff why I turned over and over to see my digestive tack. Then they didn't tell me it went right through you and almost pooped my pants. Good thing I ran to the bathroom. Well I got a physical in my town next Tuesday and then the BIG DAY 8/4/09!!!!!!

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