Healing but having problems

Aug 17, 2009

 So I'm 2 weeks out and I was doing really good but the last 3 days have been horrible!!!

First I ripped a muscle or some thing in my stomach. I can't bend over at all. If I do it is the worst piercing pain ever. I relaxed for a few days and the pain not as bad as it was but is still there.

Second I can not eat any thing with out throwing it back up. None of my pureed food is staying down. It was so weird I was fine and then 3 days ago my stomach just changed. I have a lot of Flem I'm throwing up. my theory is that my stomach is filled with Flem so when ever I eat some thing my stomach is so filled up I puke.

I hope every thing improves tomorrow or I'm calling my Doctor.

God I hope I'm alright!!!


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