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Jun 21, 2010

I haven't posted in a while, but have been reading many, many posts from others to hopefully gain more insight into what my future entails.  I have gathered a great deal of info, i.e. foods you can and cannot eat, what to do and not do, and generally how I need to navigate my new life after the band is in place.  I mean to say that this site is great and so very valuable, I can't say enough about it. 

I have finally completed the paperwork and I am now focusing on the extra  stuff I need to complete the package.  I have an appointment for my Medical Doctor the end of this month.  There he will do my referral letters, physical and blood work, etc.
Today I saw my Psychologist and explained the need for a MMPI along with my normal babble of life's events.  Come to find out, both he and his wife know Dr. Davenport and work closely with him and have been for some time.  I was elated!  This may not be so bad afterall.  He said I can get my MMPI from him and save me some time and hassel ( and expense ) as I am already set up with him as far as insurance goes.  I am thinking I saved about six weeks of time, stress, and anxiety with going to him.  Made me feel a little bit better anyway

I also told my son that I was going to do this and gave him some different numbers to call if I didn't call him back after the surgery.  I told him that I wasn't quite feeling the same way as with my other surgeries and to make contact with these numbers if I didn't make it.  Yea I feel that way, down deep, I just can't explain it. 

I called  him for Father's Day to wish him a Good Day and to give a kiss to my grand daughter.  My other child won't call me, and didn't.  I can't seem to get through to her, her anger is really deep and she is encouraged to be that way from a mother that has went out of her way to dig at me when she could.  Of course not so bad now, everyone is grown now and little can be done, but the damage is already done.  It's a shame, I love my little girl, and my two grandkids by her.  I just wanted a phone call.  We are both bull headed and stubborn, at least I know it and have apologized.....maybe she will grow out of it.


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