More steps down.....just a few to go.

Jul 26, 2010

Sorry it's been awhile, but it's been crazy around here.  I have completed several more of the steps the Doc is needing for me to do.  I have seen and taken the psychological battery of tests and had a review with him.  My surgeons office works closely with him and they told me that they had not received my test report yet.  I asked his office and they said he had not sent it yet and was going to after my next visit with him.  That was all she said.  Well my imagination went clear of the charts. Why didn't he send it? Why is he waiting till our next visit?  I wasn't going to see him for another week.  Maybe "BUBBA" is real afterall, I thought.  Well I did see him afterall and he explained that I was alright and the test results came out good...........nothing to worry about.  He said that often times he will test someone and send it and they won't know who he was talking about as they had not shown up for the first appointment yet.  That would have been my case so I was satisfied wjth his answer.  Still wondering what the test results came up with though.

I completed my first appointment with the surgeons office and met everone but him.  First it was the dietician explaning some "Rules" and that I needed to start following the plan and lose some weight before my visit with him in 1 month.  I loooked at them and they are what I expected and easy enough to follow.  I started charting my intake etc, the next day.
I met with the Nurse Practioner and we went over my history and other stuff.  She explained to me about the band and how it actually fit with this model she had in there, and went on to explain how he was going to do the surgery, how the incisions were to be made, etc.  Very good information, I am loving this as it was a near mirror image of the information I got from the many great people on this forum site.  I now have a short list to do to get to my actual surgery date.

I still have to get to 2 of the seminars yet.  I am trying to get that done before my next appointment.  I have to do more lab work, an ECG, a Chest xray, and one more thing I am not so fond of and can't seem to rationalize why I have to have it and that is the dreaded Colonoscopy!!!! OMG!!!  I am sure there is a connection butt what could it be.  ( I crack myself up sometimes.) I was sent all the paperwork and my appointment for that is 8/2/10.  I asked about the script that was sent and basically my friend told me to be sitting on the toilet when you take the first drink.  He said it works that fast. So my Sunday will be spent at home, moving the tv into the bathroom and buying stock into air freshener. LOL

So that is it so far......I am closer to my date and couldn't be happier to finally get ahead of my weight and find the new me.
Thanks to everyone on this forum  for the inspiration to go on with this.  It has made it better.


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