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"Dr. Davenport is my surgeon and I, for one, think he is the best Doctor I have ever been to. I was anxious about the surgery, he calmed me with his knowledge and skill and took direct care with me answering all my questions honestly and truthfully ( even the pain questions )His compassion is unending. His dedication to the health of each and every patient is of the higest regard. I could go on and on about this great Doctor, but I won't because it would take more space than I have here. He said he would see me directly after I woke up after surgery and he was the first person I saw when I woke up. That above all impressed me to no end. I will forever say he is the best that you can have as a Bariatric Surgeon. He and his team are the greatest, and if anyone is coming to Odessa, Texas or lives here already and wants this type of surgery, Dr. Davenport and his team is the team to see and take care of you. God Bless Dr. Davenport."
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