At 29 years old I was admitted for the first time into a hospital with what they thought was pneumonia. Spent two weeks in the hospital with DVT's, PE's left the hospital with Sleep Apnea, High Colesteral, Diebities and a combo plate of daily medications, all because I am over wait at 527 lbs.

My family doctor then refered me to get RNY surgery in Toronto. A year later I finally got an appointment. I then seen the doctor who rtold me it would be about an 18 month wait but i need to see some other doctors between them. Well I got the other doctors out of the way and I wait. I call the surgeon office and the say 6 months and I wait I call again and its in 6 months and I wait, and wait and wait. 

I decide to go to a sopport group meeting in Ottawa and meet some really great people. They stop waiting and go to the states they are quicker and better. 

So I apply for OHIP for funding to go to the states and get it on the first try. I go to the states and meet a really great doctor. He has an excellent team that deals with this kind of issue every day, and we can do it quickly. He also explains that I could use a CVF to avoid the clots.

I go to his nutrionist seminar they tell be how to eat. 

I go back for secound meeting with nutrionist a month later and I am down 8 lbs from the first visit. 

I go back for third appointment with nutrionist a month later and i am down 10 lbs, but she is unhappy with my style of eat and ask me to come again in a month before she signs off on the surgery.

to be continued in blog................

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