Hi, I’m Gabrielle and I am already in the process of getting surgery done. I started about 6 months ago at the Community Health Center. I had considered doing it years ago but I thought I had the self discipline and motivation to lose it all on a diet or two. Back then I was in my 300s. Now i am almost 500 pounds. I am afraid that even with the surgery i will not be able to change my eating behaviors and physical activity. Even though i know it is bad for me and it won;t help me I continue to eat poorly and stay sedentary. That is why even with the surgery I don’t think i will get better, because it is all about you behavior towards your health that will help you achieve optimal health. I just don’t have any motivation. Not even the threat of diabetes, a stroke, a heart disease or immobility motivates me. The only thing that keeps me trying even if it is just a little is the thought of what I will be able to do when I lose all the fat. I just hope I can change my behavior and motivation level.

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Nov 04, 2014
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