Better late than never....

Jun 08, 2020

 I fell off the wagon, heck I fell off the road. I start drinking diet soda again and of course I gained a bunch of weight, but that's what happens for me when I drink soda. Doesn't matter if it's diet or regular. Actually diet soda seems to make me have massive sugar cravings. I was the cupcake queen for a while. Hadn't weighed myself in a long time, and then I got on the scale a week or so ago and I was up to 202 pounds. Scared the crap out of me. So I went back to basics. Only water and protein drinks. Logging all my food. High protein low carb, no more cupcakes. I've already got down to 196. So that something but I got a lot of work to do to get back down to 150. I did really well for almost 10 years had a slight weight gain at one time and knocked it back down again, but the last couple years I really fell hard. So do any of you that may remember me I want to say hi and I hope you're doing well. Anybody else had any regain?


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