Well,  I have been heavy most of my adult life.  Since I am 45 years old, that has been way too long.  I was thin as a child, but very tall.  So I would always get the comment "Wow, you are a BIG girl".   Then, low and behold when I was 11 and started into "womanhood" I was blessed with very large breast (size c-d cup).  So here I was tall and big breasted.  I really was just a big girls, but the more I heard that, the more I took it as I was fat.  So by age 13, I had started the dieting  rollercoster. 

In high school, I was probably 165 -175 pounds and wore a size 16-18.  Not huge, but not a size 4 like so many of my friends.  Peer pressure is a killer.  At least by my sophmore year the boys were finally starting to grow and they  were as tall or taller than me.  In that time I tried so many diets like TOPS, Nutri-System,  Richard Simons.  I would lose a little, then gain it back.

After I got married, I was able to lose about 40 pounds on Weight Watchers and keep it off for about 4 years until I had my oldest daughter.  From there it was a steady gain.  I lost quite a bit of weight after my second daughter was born, but quickly gained more from there.   The last 13 years has been a real struggle.

About 5 years ago, I was very interested in having the lap-band done.  I went through all the testing and pre-op stuff, but was denied by my insurance because I didn't quite weigh enough and my co-morbidities hadn't been documented long enough.  I thought it was the end of my journey andI would just have to be fat the rest of my life. 

Then in the summer of 2010, I had had enough.  I wanted to try for WLS again.  I wasn't sure if I wanted the RNY or the Lap-band, but started researching - agian.  Then I found out my surgeon I had pick had started doing the VSG.  Man, I began looking for anything I could find on it and was happy to discover it was exactly what I had been looking for! 

So I started the WLS process over again.  Although  it took 6 months for the supervised diet, mental evaluation (lucky I passed - my family says I am NUTS) and one really big denial and an appeal, I was sleeved on April 5, 2011.

It has been a wonderful journey so far.   If any of you are on the fence about if this surgery is worth it, I would have to say, HECK YA - GO FOR IT AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER!!!!!

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