Another Week

Oct 16, 2007

Another week goes by and I am another 4 lbs. lighter. 
I am now a total of 69lbs. down! I really can't believe it, This has been really amazing for me. I feel so great! 
I decided to pick myself up out of my funk and get to work. For the last week, I started a new exercise regime. I work out at home Mon., Wed. & Thurs. and go to the gym Sat. & Sun. So far so good.  
I feel really good on the days that I wake up and exercise before work. It makes me feel like I've accomplished something. 

I've also met someone. I was set up on a blind date last week by a friend of mine and it went well. We have a few things in common and have good conversation. We are going out again next week and I think we can be really good friends. That's all that I can handle right now but it's a big step for me since I haven't dated in 2 years! 

I have now told all the members of my family about my surgery and they have all been very supportive of my choice and happy with my results.

I've also begun going to therapy and I like my therapist. I am happy I have someone to talk through my issues with. 

So I really feel better this week than last week. 
It will all work out I'm sure. 

More to come soon

We're on the move again.

Oct 09, 2007

Haven't posted in a while. 
I've been in a funk lately beacuse I've not lost a pound since my 3 month check up with the Dr. 
But this morning the scale moved again! 
I am now down 64lbs. and under 300lbs for the 1st time in 7 years! 
What a WOW!!
However, I am also trying to deal with all the changes in life that surgery brings either directly or indirectly.....

It's a little annoying that  some people think it's appropriate for them to question what I can and can't eat. 
I am losing weight and clearly following my surgeon's suggestions. 
Why do people feel it's their business to question my meal choices. 
That ticks me off a little. 

I am also just getting back into my normal life routine after getting rid of a brief fling I had last month. It was my own fault for getting involved   with someone so young but it's over now and I can get focused on me again. 

Things are a little crazy right now emotionally, I had a lot going on in the last month and I am just now getting through that and it's been an adjustment.  

This surgery is really 'life changing' in more ways than one. 
But I will get through. 
I am still very happy that I did this and with the results. 
The other 'after-effects' are the ones that can be the real test. 

But I will make it.  I fell good physically...Emotionally will follow! 

Happy Surgi-versary to me!!!

Sep 19, 2007

Today is 3 months to the day since I've had my surgery....
WOW!!! Is all I can say. 
I really have too many emtions to express them all clearly. 
But I thought I was necessary to put down a few thoughts...

I am officially down 61 lbs. (I say that because my scale says more than my Dr's)
I've lost 7 inches on my chest and 5 on my waist.
I am down 2 sizes in tops and 1 (soon to be 2) in bottoms. 
I have been able to eat most of what I've tried. 
I have not had any complications physically thus far (I know that I am blessed in that respect!) 
I can paint my toenails
I can walk up a flight of stairs (or 2) and not get winded. 
I can walk down city blocks for a while with out getting tired
My joints no longer ache 
I down have to fight to put on my clothes or stress that they'll shrink in the dryer. 
I can see my collar bones! 
I have an all around good feeling about myself that I haven't had in a very long time. 
I feel confident that I will continue to lose and this was really the best choice for me. 
I am really very happy!!!

More to come!

12 Weeks!!

Sep 11, 2007

Today is 12 weeks out!
I have so many emotions.....I don't know where to begin.

I feel so good right now. 
I had no idea that I would feel this good, this early out. 
It's amazing!   As of today, I am down 55lbs! 
I wanted to be down 50lbs. by my 3 month appointment with my surgeon. 
That appointment is next week and I think I my get to 60lbs. down. 
I am Soooo excited and Soooo Happy! 

This has been an amazing experience and I thank God that I was able to get through it safely and experience these great highs....

I started this wearing a size 30/32 pants and 26/28 tops (sometimes 30/32 depending on the cut) & 48DD Bra. I am now a 22/24 top and size 26 bottom (although, I can wear 24s in the stretch jeans) & a 44DD bra. 
It's amazing!! I know it's just the beginning but it is a thrill never the less. 

As I watch my body change, I get excited about all the new things I will soon be able to enjoy. 

I pray that all who undertake this journey, experience the same joy I have...

11 Weeks!!

Sep 04, 2007

I'm 11 weeks out today and I still feel great! 
I keep waiting to wake up from my dream.

Today I went to Macy's and shopped for 2 hours! 
I felt really great to be able to but clothes at my favorite store again. 
I was there for hours just tryin' and tryin'. I am officially a size 22 (2X) top but still 26 (3X) on the bottom. Good to know I won't be losing my Booty soon! 
But I still felt really good! After Macy's I went to Lane Bryant to shop for pants and I found some good ones there to. bought 3 pairs. 

I am also down 47lbs. 
Things are going well. I still haven't had any complications and I can pretty much eat anything excet sugar (still haven't tried for fear of dumping). I hope to make it down 60lbs by my 3 month appointment in 3 weeks. We'll see... 

It was Labor Day in Brooklyn this weekend and I had a blast! 
Saw all my family and it went well. 
Everyone is happy for me and glad I can still eat curry! 

More to come next week! 


Aug 30, 2007

My wow's have been relatively small but I appreciate them Sooo much! 

I can do  my toes without it becoming a yoga routine. 
I can walk several city blocks without being out of breath.
I can walk up stairs without my joints feeling like they are ripping apart or feeling like I'm having a heart attack. 
And I can finally put on my clothes without struggling. 
Some of my clothes are too big and some are just lose but it feels good to be able to put on a pairs of pants without having to inhale the whole room. 

I also have more energy....I use to dread leaving the house to run errands. 
Now when I have to do somehting I am up and running. 
I love how I feel. And I feel great! 
I never expected to feel this good so soon. 

I know actually losing pounds (45 so far) is one of the best 'side effects' of this surgery but I just love being able to live my life!!! 

Not Much

Aug 29, 2007

It's been about 10 weeks and not much going on!

I am getting in my supplements faithfully but it is a struggle with water. 
Had a dizzy spell yesterday from being dehydrated. 
Other than that all is well and I am down 45lbs.  

I've been seeing a new guy and even though it is not serious, he makes me feel really good about myself. 
He tells me he loves my body (can you believe it) and it is just the self esteem boost I need.  
I think part of what has drawn him to me is my new attitude! 
I really feel better since surgery and it projects outward to people. 
Because I feel good about me, others feel good about me and for me too. 
That is a good feeling to have again.
It's been so long since I've felt good about myself and my body. 
So I am really happy. 

Even though things with this guy are not serious and probably won't go far I am happy for this time that he is in my life and how he makes me feel. 

I'd like to be down at least 50lbs by my 3 month appointment with Dr. Kini on Sept. 18th. So far I think I am on point with that. So that makes me feel really good too! 

This has been a really good time and I hope it continues.... 

More later! 


More Good News!!

Aug 20, 2007

Things are going really well! 

I know it won't always be perfect and I've already had a few bumps but overall I am extremely happy with my results. 

I have finally worked a routine to get in all of my supplements daily, I am getting in my protein (thanks fitday) and I have more engery everyday!
On top of all of that, I am down 40 lbs (woo-hoo) and 3 sizes (from 30 to 24).
This inches are coming off faster than the lbs. I'm just glad it's coming off! 

I couldn't have asked for more. 
I am able to eat things I ate before surgery (i haven't tried sweets though) and they are staying down. 
I hope to be down at least 50 lbs by my 3 month visit next month and so far it looks like I am on track to make that goal. 

Personally, I am also happy! 
I just feel so much better that I think it projects out so good things are happening and that makes me feel great! 
No specifics, just overall good feelings because I can walk and not get winded. I also polished my toes like a normal woman without having to become a contourtionist. 
I feel so normal! 

Thank God! 

More to come later and I should have some new pics for my 3 month surgiversary!!


Aug 11, 2007

It's been almost 8 weeks and I have to say 'What a Ride!' 
I never imagined that I would feel this good so soon. 
I am down 35lbs. I can walk up a flight of stairs or down more than 3 city blocks without being winded and don't have pain in my joints anymore. I also no longer have to take medication for my  blood pressure! 

But today was the best.
I went to Lane Bryant with Mom to find her a pair of jeans. 
They had a sale on the entire store and I saw a denim jacket I liked. 
I thought why not, it's on sale and I need a new one. Well there were no 26/28s just 18/20s and 22/24s. Since I started this journey wearing 30 (for comfort because all of my 28s were too tight) I figured I'll try the 22/24 and if I can at least get it on, I can wear it open until I lose enough to fit in it. 
Well I put it on and not only can I get it on but I buttoned it up all the way! 
I also tried on a blouse in 22/24 and it fit!

(but not the bottoms cause my butt is still to big

But it's a start! 
I really felt good.  One of the reasons I even started considering surgery was because shopping wasn't fun anymore since nothing fit right and I was sized out of my favorite store (Lane Bryant) because 28s no longer fit comfortably. 

This is truly a WOW for me! I can't wait to experience more of these!!

Day 1 back to work

Aug 06, 2007

Well today was the 1st day back to work....
A lot of people still on vacation so there weren't too many people to face at once.  I have to say it wasn't bad at all. Everyone was glad to see me (or so they said ) and the ones who asked why I was out I told and I received nothing but support thus far... 

I think after last night's revelation it made it easier to go in and face the questions. I'm sure mst people won't notice the weight loss for a while and when they do there will be more questions but I know now that I can handle that too.

I truly believe this was the right decision for me! 
I am really happy! and I feel great! 

More to come soon!!

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