Well I thought today I would try and get started on my story.  I may have a little bit of a different story than some of you out there. But, I hope if anyone can relate to it that you will send me an e-mail. It would be so nice to talk to someone who may have been in the same up hill battle I have been in for the past 7 years now. 

I was always a girl who had to watch her weight, Every thing I put in my mouth always added a few pounds.  So growing up I was very conscience about what I ate and how I worked out etc.  I never got to much over weight until after the birth of my last daughter.  I worked out hard, ran every day, taught aerobics even 5 times a week.  When my 2end husband and I started trying to have a child, I miscarried 4 times all of which happened while I was teaching.  The teaching really didn't have anything to do with the miscarriage, but I did find a way to put the blame on the workouts.  When I got pregnant with my daughter we had to travel to PA to get what is called Immune Therapy.  My husband's White blood cells were injected into my blood to help prevent my body from fighting off the part of my daughter that was created by him.  I had a horrible pregnancy and was pretty much bed ridden the whole time.  in and out of the hospital on Mag-Sulphate and a Trabutaline Pump at home, while monitoring contractions over the phone line.  I told myself NEVER again will I consume my life with Exercises and started to look at it as a bad bad thing.  It meant Death to me, Loos of my children that could have been.  Every time I tried to be active I would have major flash backs of each and every miscarriage.  So I just stopped trying.

In the mean time I guess you can say I got pretty lazy in life in general because I started to gain weight like never before.  I stopped trying to stay thin and I guess I just let go.  As the weight came the more depressed I got.  Slowly and Surly I became member in  my Family. This is where my life began to go down hill.  I started to look at food as a comfort and would eat in bed, at night, in the middle of the night, etc. 

The Fatter I got The less time I put in with my Husband and Children.  My Marriage began to suffer, and my children began to suffer even more.  I didn't realize what I was doing until it was to late.  I was already of 200lbs at 5 ft tall.  I was out of control!!

I will be back to finish soon.

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