blackbunnyx wrote July 2021 Nutrition Update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

It interesting that all or nothing mentality works its way into most of my decision making. Including decisions about the foods I choose to eat. A couple of weeks back I was struggling with feeling...

blackbunnyx has a new goal: Drink 64 oz water everday 3 months ago
Remember that dehydration is bad for my body and my weight loss goals.

blackbunnyx has a new goal: Learn better eating habits that will help me stay healthy 3 months ago
Following my dietary guidelines and paying attention to the labels and nutrition facts of foods I'm eating.

blackbunnyx wrote Feeling Weak and Tired: An Update 3 months ago

I had the opportunity to speak to my nutritionist who confirmed my suspicion that I haven't been eating enough carbohydrates. What's interesting to me is that I have been on a low carbohydrate, low...

blackbunnyx wrote Something to Evaluate 3 months ago

I wrote a blog post yesterday called "Pre-OP Diet, SAD, and Me" which talked about how I'm feeling now during my weight loss trial versus when I was eating without restriction. Yesterday, I wasn't ...

blackbunnyx wrote Pre-Op Diet, SAD and ME 3 months ago

I went into low-carb, low-fat, low-sugar cold turkey. I got an email from my nutritionist detailing what to eat and what not to eat (in general terms) at night after binge eating (chugging down som...

blackbunnyx has a new goal: Get into the normal BMI range. 3 months ago
Remember all the things I can’t do because of weight related pain and suffering and remind myself of everything I gain from reducing.
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