Feeling Weak and Tired: An Update

Jun 28, 2021

I had the opportunity to speak to my nutritionist who confirmed my suspicion that I haven't been eating enough carbohydrates. What's interesting to me is that I have been on a low carbohydrate, low sugar diet before and didn't have this feeling. I guess it's because I was eating more fat (Keto). 

It's interesting how differently the body respond to different ways of eating. I upped my carbohydrates yesterday and felt better. Not 100, but better. I think consistent hitting my new carbohydrate goal with help with how I'm feeling. I've also been brainstorming ideas for meals that will help me reach that goal.

Fear has a lot to do with not hitting my carbohydrate goal. Reading the guidelines and feeling guilty for eating foods with carbohydrates. So far, the best sources for me are vegetables and sweet potatoes (they're accepted in my WLS trial diet) but I'm curious to know what I will be able to have that will keep my body nourished while not encouraging weight gain.

There's that pesky obsessive behavior again. I keep telling myself to trust the program but it doesn't stop me from weighing in daily--to be sure that I'm not gaining because I'm so afraid of not passing the weight loss trial. 

Aside from fearing weight gain, I have bee concerned with focusing more on cruciferous vegetables and haven't had any starches added to my meal aside from the sweet potato the other day. I bought a book the other day called, "The Complete Bariatric Cookbook," by a registered dietation named Megan Moore on Amazon Kindle. It has a lot of meal ideas and recipes that look like they would help navigate the issue of not getting enough macronutrients. In fact, I'm inspired to make a chili dish this week that comes directly from the cookbook. 

If you're having trouble with meal ideas or hitting specific macros, you may find Megan Moore's Instagram page helpful. If you aren't on Instagram, she has a website as well. Click here if you're interested. Her page has transformations, motivation, inspiration and meal and snack ideas. Always make sure the foods you are eating align with the guidelines set on your program and remember to reach out to your providers with any questions or inquiries.





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