July 2021 Nutrition Update

Jul 08, 2021

It interesting that all or nothing mentality works its way into most of my decision making. Including decisions about the foods I choose to eat. A couple of weeks back I was struggling with feeling weask and fatigue. Today, I can honestly say that I feel much better.

What Changed?

I now actively try to keep my carb intake between 75 and 100 grams per day. This has helped immensely. I find that when my net carbs are below 75 I feel absolutely terrible. Since I am following the guidelines and simply attempting to meet the recommended nutritional values, I am not having any trouble with calorie intake. I am starting to have more of an appetite since I began doing more vigorous exercise. Something that was only made possible by upping my carbohydrates as per my nutritionist's recommendations.

Sweet Cravings

Of course I've been keeping my sugar intake as low as possible but I can't help but feel the urge to purchase a nice slice of strawberry tres leches cake from the tienda down the street. Not only that, but there is a cupcake truck that will be visiting my neighborhood everyday until the 10th. It's easy to say not to cupcakes since I find they have too much icing for my taste, but the tres leches cake is something I've really had my mind on.

I will be sending an email over to my nutritionist to see what I can do about my cravings so they get satisfied without sabotaging my hard work and weight loss so far. 

Weight Loss

I have lost 14 pounds since beginning this new lifestyle on the 21st of June. I am incorporating walking--which is extremely physically taxing for me--as well as at home workouts. I went ahead and bought some shoes to walk in that will hopefully be much more comfortable than what I currently have. 

In addition to my new workout regime, I am having a new issue arise. Powering my body enough for my workouts and staying hydrated. 

Since I exercise in the morning, it's easy for me to get 5 cups or at least 40 ounces of lemon water down before I even eat breakfast. I like to exercise on an empty stomach but am beginning to feel like I at least need to have some fruit and a string cheese or something like a protein shake because even though I feel better, I don't feel like I am completely fueled.


I added a chewable complete Flinstone multi-vitamin (yes, the ones for kids) to my daily routine. I take it in the morning with my medication. I believe the MV has played a role in me feeling better. I definitely don't think I would be doing as well as I am if it weren't for the MV and the additional carbs because whole, lean protein sources alone weren't doing the trick.


What do you like to have when you're craving something sweet?



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