My story is no different from any other person's story on  this web site.  Many thanks to all of my friends who are supporting me through this web site.  Most weekends I spend quite a few hours scanning different profiles to learn and read about the good, bad and the ugly! lol   I know that people come in all shapes and sizes and I respect that 100% .  Each person must decide for themeselves what will work and what does not.  I thought orginally that I would never have the surgery myself.  However, I changed my mind and I am ready to embrace a healthier lifestyle.  It will take discpline to make the correct choices. I  have struggled with my weight mostly in my adult life.  I was a premie when I was younger I was smaller.   I am learning all I can about what is the right decision for me.  Today is 7-12-07- I am just starting this Weight loss journey.  I went an informational group meeting today and I am considering RNY -gastric surgery.  My mother had an gastric bypass called MGB "Mini-gastric bypass".  She has done very well and has lost 150 lbs!! - 4 year post-op. (6-5-03)  We will see how long this beginning paperwork process is and if my insurance will pay for it.  That is a key factor!!Thanks for all the support! Thanks for reading. 

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