New Update!! :) Life goes on.....

Apr 11, 2009

Well....the year 2009 has been very interesting to say the least.
I had to have emergency hernia surgery on Feb 7th!  I was in so much pain I could hardly stand up.  Right now my insurance is denying the bill of over $30,000 because they state it is a complication of my WLS.  Ugh!! So frustrating.  I gained 5 lbs after surgery..but now down to 210.  I just back from a cruise to the Greek Islands and Turkey.  I LOVED IT. NO weight gain .  I am hoping to get back on the exercise track this week.  Working 2 jobs, school, studying, and church activites..keep me busy.   I miss my surgery sisters. I hope my life will slow down soon!  Just wanted to write a short update. I may try to post some Greece Pictures too. God bless....till next time America!


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