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"I really like Dr. Bour and his program. He has an outstanding program. Every week at support group meeting I am impressed with his staff and all the information I learn in meetings. rnThe thing I liked the least was the waiting list. He is so good that he is kept booked months in advance. Future patients need to have reasonable expectations. He does not perform drive through surgery. There are psychological tests, meetings with a psychologist, meetings with a nutritionist and pre-tests done to ensure that it is safe for you to have this surgery. Aftercare is absolutely emphasized but is not the only consideration with Dr. Bour. You have to take classes prior to being scheduled for surgery. If you don't take the classes you don't get the surgery. He wants to make sure that everyone knows exactly what they are getting into and what to do in any situation. There is a carefully structured aftercare program and classes that are mandatory. Dr. Bour is very knowledgeable and I have spoken with several of his patients to ask them questions as well. They all speak very highly of him. HE explains everything to you and you are SOOOO INFORMED!! I'll update more after surgery. :)"
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