Hi everyone....I am a woman with a great family and wonderful life living on the north coast of California in the Redwoods. I am a Hair Designer been one for almost 21 years. I have joined this site and am very grateful to have done so because I really feel the need for some added support now that my date is coming up ( july 31st) I am so excited, nervous, and READY|!!!!!!!!!
I will change my blog from time to time as my world changes and i have more to share....right now all i can say is i will be glad when this 366lb body is sheddingggggggggg....I am so exausted with all the water i am carrying around ....my feet and legs look like sausages. 
It is time!!!! Here is a little window into how i feel. I wrote this some time back and  have just read t his for the first time since I wrote it. Its my reality. 

When did i decide to do that??My Dr must have made some sort of mistake in her paperwork. How funny is this?  As i was reading it this strange feeling started to seep into my being. I can't describe it exactly, but it was like I had just started heading in the right direction after being lost for a very long time.laughing, I called out to my husband honeyyyyyyyyy my dr just signed me up for bariatric surgery with a nervous giggle. Instead of the reply I thought i would get..huh? he replied ...yes i just opened a letter i just found  from our insurance company saying you  are approved for coverage for the nutrionalist and the physical therapists. I was just sitting there with my mouth open and my feet throbbing from working all day as a hair designer standing on my poor feet with this 350lb body. It was decided at that moment. I am going to do this. And that is that. I went on my computer and started looking at the different procedures. There were a few and some were very scary. I then started reading some of the blogs on the internet of people who had had the surgery. They call themselves "out". It means the time that its been since they got their surgery. I am June and I am 130 days "out" and have lost 122 lbs just as an example. I then read about the different successes with each procedure.And the complications with each. I was amazed at what u could find on the internet. I went to youtube.com and looked at the different surgeries that the drs have actually videotaped in full. It was amazing to watch what they do. For a woman who freaks out thinking about her own mortality I didnt have any issues with watching these videos. It was very strange. I just knew one of these things was for me. But I was not not sure how I was going to talk to my husband about my choice. I just decided that I would try to be sincere ,let him know how much my weight bothers me, and share the knowlege I was learning about these types of surgery. Boy he tried to meet me with resistance. He said u cant be serious you arent going to do that to your body. When he said that to me it really opened up this center in me , a newfound strength,and with that comment i just said to him calmly "you know what? I dont have to ask your permission to do this. You dont live in this body and u dont know what its like to carry all this weight around.I AM  going to do this and what i need from you is your support. We will go to the support group informational meeting scheduled for Friday and get some knowlege on the subject so that you can be informed about what I will be going through and its success rate. He just looked at me and said Ok. And that is what we did. I am so glad that WE did that....he is really supporting me and my choices.....I think it brought us closer as a couple. I love my husband!!!

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