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"I think he is confident and skilled and very hard working from the experience I had with him. I never really got to spend much time talking to him however he is very very busy. I saw his fellows more than I actually saw him. rnSnappy dresser. He sure likes his clothes. I would say he is very competent as a surgeon....didnt spend enough time with him to be able to comment on his bedside manner. Not warm and fuzzy but not a grouch either. rnrnThe office staff was great. Monica and Meg were on the dime and helped me with everything I needed. I was grateful they were there for me. He is lucky to have them on his side. rnrn"


"I thought Stanford would have given me better medical care than the nursing staff (except angie she was cool) gave. When I think of the nursing staff I the word Neglect comes to mind. Was Very very noisy at change of shift and the nurses were rude when you asked for care.(except angie and another nice dark haired gal ) I had to ask for care for my roommate as well. Overall very poor nursing with the exception of 2 nurses (Angie and the other nice gal). I have never ever had a nurse tell me No! you have your own nurse when I have asked for help sitting up before this time. I was blown away with their smart ass remarks more than 3 times during my stay. My mother is a nurse I cannot imagine her ever speaking to anyone in that manner. Maybe because it was a fat girl and not someone with a life threatening disorder that they didnt feel I needed to be treated with kindness and respect. I was treated well by the x ray person he was just fine. I have had laprascopic surgery before and when I walked there was a nurse or an aide with me ....not once did anyone walk with me while I lapped the nurses station. I really think the nursing staff needs a course on how to treat patients so that they are happy and heal well. "
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