I am 56 years old, having been born in Elmhurst, IL on January 27, 1951 at 2:45AM.  I am married to John Simmons - we will have our 28th wedding anniversary on April 19, 2007.  We have one son, Benjamin, who will be 23 on September 14, 2007.  He is engaged to be married to Erica Gilliam.  They plan to be married in Spring, 2008.

Both of my parents are deceased as well as my only sister.  My husband's mother, at 90, is still alive and he has two sisters.  His younger sister has been battling colin cancer.  Hopefully soon we can say she is on the mend.  But she has tremendous spirit and has been an inspiration to me as I faced and then went through my gastric bypass surgery.

Menopause was kind to me except that my metabolism STOPPED.  My entire adult life, I weight between 240 and 250.  After menopause, I "ballooned" up to 339 pounds.  I couldn't do anything because I was so tired all the time.  Just getting out of bed and/or taking a shower was a chore. 

I believe in a higher power, that there is something or someone in this old world that is watching out for me and helping me to make the correct decisions in my life.  I only wish he/she had pushed me a little harder to make the decision to have the gastric bypass surgery EARLIER!  It took me about 3-5 years to make up my mind to have the operation!


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