I have to laugh, as I read so many stories about how people gained weight when they got married.  I have been gaining weight since I was 5, about 10 lbs a year.  I was a fat kid, school was horrible because kids are mean as hell, I weighed 200 at my prom.  Got married at 23, weight 240, and then somehow, I got to 300 over the next 4 years.  Wait, then it was 350, then it went higher 4 years ago, when I ended being off work because of a knee injury.  After sitting on my behind for 3 1/2 years, I gained another 35-40 lbs.  Talk about pissed off at yourself.  That was me, I hated everyting, everyone, and didn't want to live any longer.  Life sucked for me.  I lost my best friend to liver cancer, and I will never be the same again.  Nothing looked good to me.  Then I decided I didn't have to live like this, there are options. and one that will not make me a failure as I had been on weight watchers, liquid protein only diet, Jenny Craig, Nutri Systems, Adkins, and on and on and on.  I made an appt with a doctor I found, read about him and his program, and here I am 5 weeks post op.  Took me 2 months to get through a very quick process.  No more diabetes pills, no more pills for hypertension, and I am happy.  My face shines, my smile is bigger, and right now I am 38 lbs lighter and I will NEVER see that weight again.

I love people, I love talking to people, and making new friends.  Ever want to talk, write, I answer!

Good luck to all that read this in their quest for a healthier life


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