8 week update

Oct 19, 2009

Let me see. So far so good. I went to my OBGYN and found out that I will be going in to get an ovary out. Will be getting the date soon. When she gave me the dreaded exam she kindly asked if I had been having constipation problems. I actually was feeling OK and told her not that I know of. I did happen to take some herbal Lax just that morning. I was getting concerned because I was on my 3rd day of not going.  By that afternoon it kicked in and I was feeling bad. So here I take some more herbal lax and nothing. Then I remember that I bought some tea that is suppose to be a big help. It says that it would work in 30 minutes. AH no help. I drink another nasty cup of tea. Still nothing. So I get a small rabbit pellet to come out and then the pain hits me. So I wait until the next morning and take more herbal Lax with no help. So on the way to the gym I stop at Wal-Greens and get some of the stuff you clean yourself out with for the colonoscapy. I think, I will just stop and put it in the frig and let it get cold and drink it when I get back from the gym. I get this feeling on the way back to my house that tells me that I just might have to hang out for awhile. Needless to say no big surprise. So I go to the gym and think I will go and work out. I do my work out and come back home. I start drinking the magnesium drink remembering how quick it worked last time. So I'm thinking I better just drink half. I do not want to over do it so half it is. I wait very nicely and I feel like my stomach is just getting heavier. I read the bottle and think 30 minutes and it will kick in. It is about 12 pm so here comes 2 pm and nothing is happening but very uncomfortable. So I continue drinking my so delicious drink and finish the bottle. Finally about three hours later I start feeling things move. It finally happened relief. I would never of thought that I could go so much . I know that I can not eat that much food so where did all that crap come from. Now I'm getting concerned again because I have not gone since I had that drink. So I have taken some more herbal lax.

Now for the good news and some bad.  When I went in to the doctors of course you have to be weighed in. She tells me to get on the scales and I do. She is like checking the scales trying to see if something is wrong. Then she shows me my weight from the last visit (not sure on the date) 230 lbs. she shows me that the scales is on 194. She asks me if I'm trying to loose weight. Then I tell her about my procedure. She doesn't ask any thing else. She was surprised. This was the nurse. Then the doctor comes in and I tell her about the procedure do to the fact that I will be having my ovary removed and thought she should know. She did not ask any questions or comment one way or the other. So I do not know if she is for or against the sleeve.

Now for some of the bad news. I do not know if I'm on a stall or not. I haven't really learned this process yet. I got down to 191 lbs and then started the constipation thing. Went back up to 194 lbs. After my ordeal I went back down to my low weight of 191. So I'm thinking cool I can handle that. But when I weighed in this morning my official weigh in day I was back up to 194.2. It is 8 weeks for me so I could be in my first stall. So that was the bad news. LOL I'm not giving up I will still keep on trucking and moving forward. I'm walking 45 minutes on the treadmill a day and working out with some weights trying to keep up with the wings, I can see a difference with my muscles but not the wings. But Lori gives me hope. I will keep up with the work outs. and see where it takes me. I can see my levels on glucose is slowly dropping even lower. I have been off of my Glyburide since I left the hospital. So the Metformin is keeping my sugar in control. It has been between 85 and 180. I'm off the HBP meds. This is great considering I could not get it below 200 before the sleeve. So who knows I just might get off the Metformin soon. When I have a date for the ovary I will let you know. Can't wait to lose that so that way I can do more abs work. Now it is to painful.


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