September 2010

Sep 08, 2010

I had my baby girl in May and all is well, I can't bleieve my life, it is completely amazing. Thank you gastric bypass surgery!

27 weeks pregnant and 9 months out from surgery

Mar 11, 2010


Short and sweet but just wanted to update everyone. My little girl is due June 10th 2010, my 1 year surgiversary is June 15th, it will be such an exciting time

Happy Holidays- 12 weeks pregnant

Nov 29, 2009

Everything here is going great, my nausea is easing up a little and I am able to add more variety of food into my diet again, looking forward to that.

I am 12 weeks and 1 days pregnant today, only 6 more days to go until the dreaded 1st trimester is over, but I have really relaxed quite a bit as I have seen my little one on numerous occasions moving all over the place,

I am going to Portland today to meet with the high risk ob for a ultrasound and consult....hoping to hear good news regarding the gastric bypass stuff and not bad news (other than nutrition I don't know what bad news they can give me).

My hubby and I are going to NYC on Friday for the weekend with 2 friends of ours, it should be fun. We are taking the bus down so we don't have to drive, thats a good thing!

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving, I did...ate some turkey, corn, roll and a little sweet potato, didn't feel "deprieved" like most people say they do the first holiday after RNY.

Love to all,

8 weeks pregnant

Nov 02, 2009

So this is my 8th week...everything is going well, other than feeling nausea all the time! Blah! But this little baby is so worth it. I am on the pregnancy after weight loss forum and when I read some of the posts I get so fearful that something bad is going to happen to the baby, becuase it happens to others (which I am so soory for their scares/losses)...Michael and I just really want to have a baby and be happy!!!! So I am thanful to god and pray for him to keep us safe.

I had a scare with swine flu, a family I work with (I am a case manager)  got it and I was exposed to them, so I have been on Tamiflu since last Tuesday, will be done on Thursday, can't wait to be done it....and I will get my vaccines at the OB on Friday.

We bought the baby crib and changing table last week and this past Sunday Michael and my sisters husband put them together...Looks so good to have abby stuff in the house! The crib bedding set will be here at the end of the week- its NoJo Jungle Babies, so excited! My little one is going to love it I just know it!!!!

So thats all for my psot for now....other than my due date was offical given June 14th 2010. So I will most likely be in the hopsital with baby on ony one year surgiversary- June weird! Life is funny like that sometimes.

Hop everyone is well and happy, and welcome holidays, my favorite time of year for shopping and being with family!

Pregnant...will be 6 weeks next Monday 10/19!

Oct 11, 2009

So, I found out on October 1st that I am pregnant. I am due around June 13th 2010! This is the reason I had gastric bypass surgery. I can't beleive how happy this makes me. My husband and I have our first ultrasound today.

I am aware that I became pregnant only 3 and a half months after surgery. I am working with the surgeon, OB, and PCP throughout hte pregnancy to make sure everything is healthy for both me and baby....

I feel so blessed for this opportunity and I will keep everyone updated!

In between month 2 and 3..

Aug 27, 2009

I am almost 11 weeks out, 2 weeks away from being 3 months out. Today I weight 240, with clothes on which is how the doctors do it so its the way I do it...that means I have lost 59 pounds. Super happy about that.

Most of the time I feel really good, something I can't evne think about eating becuase I feel full before even eating...getting used to everything is difficult but I feel I am doing good with what I have been doing....

For now, thats really all I haveto say. I am starting graduate school next week (only 1 class this semester) but I am really excited, its unbelieveable!!!!

<3 Melissa
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4 weeks ago today, 1 month on Wednesday

Jul 13, 2009

I had surgery exactly 4 weeks ago today. Things are going well now, I haven't been getting sick and I am adventuring onto new foods. I think I have hit my first plateu...been stuck at 261 since Friday and I even ended my period and everything...

I have been walk/running outside a few times. I am going to the gym with my husband tonight. We will hopefully go to the gym everyother night.

The worst part about this whole thing is getting my vitamins in...they are awful! I hate chewable medications.

I am doing great, I started my liquid diet at 295, I weigh 262/261 now....I hope to be 255 by the end of this week, if I work hard enough. I need to get more sleep! I can't seem to go to bed before 11 or 12 lately....interesting.

I hope the next month brings me down another 30 pounds....I can't wait to be outta the fat people section!


Jun 22, 2009

I had surgery exactly 1 week ago today.

I am having trouble getting in my water and can't even think about getting in the protein, the thought just makes me fact any type of food at all (the thought) makes me sick. I am hoping to get out of this stage soon because right now Iam thinking I made the worst choice of my life...people keep telling me that will change and I hope so, for the sake of my personality and sanity.

I called the doctor today becuase I woke up at 4:30am and got dry heaves, had them twice yesterday after the protein shakes quick and then I feel okay after that for a little bit. The nurse at the center called the doctor and called me in some nausea medication, I hope it works...gotta get 48 ounces of liquids in today, I am maybe on 5 ounces right now...

So for now, I am really hoping that the next week gets better and that I change my mind about the surgery, which I know in time it will....I just want to like food (ANY TYPE) again...
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Starting my liquids

Jun 01, 2009

I started my liquid diet looking forward to it but its gotta be done. I can't wait for my surgery June 15th!


May 12, 2009

I have been approved. I meet with the surgeon on May 19th...I am hoping for June 15th as my surgery date...I can't wait, can't beleive its real and really happening!

Woo Hoo...

I am really trying to exercise and diet now to prepare for the two week liquid diet thing....but I know I can do it

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