4 weeks ago today, 1 month on Wednesday

Jul 13, 2009

I had surgery exactly 4 weeks ago today. Things are going well now, I haven't been getting sick and I am adventuring onto new foods. I think I have hit my first plateu...been stuck at 261 since Friday and I even ended my period and everything...

I have been walk/running outside a few times. I am going to the gym with my husband tonight. We will hopefully go to the gym everyother night.

The worst part about this whole thing is getting my vitamins in...they are awful! I hate chewable medications.

I am doing great, I started my liquid diet at 295, I weigh 262/261 now....I hope to be 255 by the end of this week, if I work hard enough. I need to get more sleep! I can't seem to go to bed before 11 or 12 lately....interesting.

I hope the next month brings me down another 30 pounds....I can't wait to be outta the fat people section!


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