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" my 1st impression was that he is a very compassionate man. he is not stoic or reserved, he is very personable, approachable. he made sure i understood all the aspects of the surgery & answered any & all questions me or my husband had. i feel very confident in my choice of surgeons! eric was very informative & very down to earth. he encourages you to ask questions & answers everthing with knowledge & confidence. i was very impressed with eric. amy was also very helpful. she is a very pleasant young lady. she made sure all additional appointments were made befroe i left & that i had them all written down. she called to confirm 1 appt. after there was aquestion about it. she went above & beyond to make this a smooth process!!! at this point, there is nothing that i do not like about dr. fendley & his staff! future patients should know that they need to do their own research about surgeons, not just listen to what everone else says. they should know that dr. fendley cares about his patients, i did not just see $ signs in his eyes! dr. fendley made sure i realized this is not a quick fix, the surgery is only as good as my commitment to changing my lifestyle! he & eric both addressed the risks of surgery. nothing was downplayed, they both made sure that my husband & i understood the seriousness of the surgery. i rate dr. fendley & his staff highly. i have had numerous surgeries & have had good & bad surgeons. i felt an instant connection with these people. i felt the really cared. i rate them 100%! i realize 100% is suspect but at this time, i truly have no complaints or reservations! i feel bedside manner & surgical competence are equal. this is an emotional journey as well as physical. bedside manner will play a major role in the journey, as well as competence!"
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