Ready for the change

Jan 26, 2008

In less than two weeks my life will change forever.  My surgery is scheduled for Feb 7, 2008.  Five months before I turn 45 I will embark upon the journey of a lifetime.  Ever since I can remember I have been fat.  I weighed over 100lbs in first grade.  Troughout my teen years I suffered from being overweight.  I worked very hard to compensate for my weight.  I had many frineds and was invlolved in many clubs.  I was the presidency of my class in both my junior and senior years of high school.  All of that was nice, but watching through tear filled eyes out my bedroom window as my best friend went on dates while I sat home alone really hurt.  I have yo-yo dieted and lost massive amounts of weight only to remain it and more.  I have been very blessed with relationships.  As I got older I did have a serious boyfriend my senior year and after.  We eventually got engaged but with our paths going in different directions it did not last.  He was a wonderful man that I sincerely wish the happiest of life for.  In college I met the man of my dreams -- my true soul mate.  I was on the losing end of the yo-yo and looked pretty good when we met, dated and married.  I told him of my weight issues.  Slowly the weight started coming back year by year then by the 5th year along came a child and more weight -- upward moved the scales then down then up again.  Another child- the loss of my Mother, a hysterectomy and 4 other surgeries within 2 years -- I hit the highest weight and finally it hit me -- my Father died leaving my Mother alone with two children to raise when she was my age.  I have been happliy married for nearly 24 years and I don't want to die and leave him alone.  I quit smoking then began researching WLS.  I successfully made it through my 6 months of testing and classes required and now -- it's a matter of mere days.  I began this journey at 286lbs.  I am at 271lbs now and would love to see what 145 looks like, though it may be too thin for me.  I owe special thanks to my wonderful husband, Lee, our daughters, Christy and Kelsey as well as to my family doctor Kim Baldock, MD.  Without their support I would have never made it this far.  I tell my girls to watch out -- I'll be wearing their clothes soon. 

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