I have fought my weight all my life.  If there is a pill or a plan that I have not tried, I can't think of it.  In 2004 I had Lap-Band surgery and things started looking up.  I lost about 50 pounds with the Lap-Band, and everything seemed to stop.  I would gain and loose, gain and loose.  We need to realize that any surgery is just a tool and we have to work with it.  I learned to trick my band with ice cream, candy, pudding and any other soft rich food I could think of because it went down easy.  After getting aspiration phenomonia, the fluid was taken out of my band and I started to gain weight.  I was then told that I had a slip that had to be surgically repaired.  When I woke up, my band was gone.  I thought this had to be a nightmare, but it was true.  I will not go into the details of why this was done, because I still don't understand.  With my band gone, I began gaining weight faster than I could believe. 

Finally, I went back to my origional surgeon who was horrified at what had happened and suggested the sleeve rather than replace the band.  I am scheduled for surgery the 10th of this month.  I am both excited and a little scared.  I might add that after I got my band, I worked for an organization that did only bands for four years.  I have stood in on band surgery and am very well educated on bariatric surgery, proper nutrition, importance of getting enough protein and almost every aspect of what needs to be done to be successful, yet I was not.  I need to loose about 80 pounds now and I feel that the sleeve will be a better option for me.  I know all of the things that make one fail at loosing weight, and I hope this time I can avoid them.........wish me luck!

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